PC card for input from cctv

  angus059 10:45 08 Oct 2006

Sorry if this is a stupid question-I am out of my depth. I want to fit a small wireless security camera with IR into the hedgehog box in the garden. The receiver unit feeds out into coloured plugs for video and audio. What card do I need for the PC to take this feed?
Many thanks

  AndySD 10:50 08 Oct 2006

Can you tell us the make/model of the camera and reciever?

  angus059 13:42 08 Oct 2006

Many thanks for the reply. I am looking at item 130034173289 on eBay and it doesn't have a name(have still to check that it has IR incorporated, but seems to have). It will do me fine to watch any hedgehogs in the box.

  AndySD 14:02 08 Oct 2006

It doesnt say a lot but depending on the supplied av cable you may be able to connect it to your existing graphics card if it has a video in socket.

If not then a tv card. But it doesnt say if its digital or analoge output.

  angus059 14:15 08 Oct 2006

I am obviously being more than a bit thick, so I apologise. It mentions an RCA cable (which I thought was the coloured plugs) and it says "If you wish to view and record the CCTV through your PC you will require a DVR Card for your PC." Do you know what a DVR card is, and do I need to know if it is analogue or digital before I go any further?

  Technotiger 14:27 08 Oct 2006

Hi, DVR card .....

click here


  AndySD 14:29 08 Oct 2006

Sorry I am skimming the text too fast

DVR - Digital Video Recorder.

You can get specialised cards or most Digital TV cards should have a DVR function.

  angus059 18:00 14 Oct 2006

Thanks for the replies to my question. I now know what to do

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