PC Can't see monitor (sometimes!)

  HighTower 12:36 16 Dec 2007

This is a strange one, picked up a new Benq 24" monitor (amazing quality by the way - worth every penny) but have come across a strange issue.

It's not the end of the world, but if I turn the monitor off and then back on again it can't find the signal from the DVI out. Similarly, if I start up the PC with the monitor turned off and then switch it on after windows has started up it also can't find the signal.

The work around is simple, don't turn the monitor off at the on/off switch on the monitor, let it just go into standby so that it's ready to go when the PC starts up. Doing it this way is fine. It's almost as if the monitor has to be on for Windows to detect it at start up, but the previous monitor was an Iiyama 19" and I didn't have a problem with this one.

I've installed the latest drivers for the graphics card (ATI 9550 based) but was curious if anyone had any ideas. It's a Vista system. It's no big deal but I'm the curious type!

  Diemmess 12:53 16 Dec 2007

Like you, I'm curious because I bought a 22" Samsung in October and initially it seemed uncertain about itself.
I tried both analogue and digital connections and have now settled for the DVI one, though I don't see a difference! (XP Pro by the way).

The whole thing seemed to have to go through a learning process.
A small square appears at the top left of the monitor and cycled every few seconds between Analogue and Digital. Also at the beginning it needed a reboot to make it settle for the correct configuration, and for some time afterwards still seemed unsure what its part in life was supposed to be!

Within a few days it settled and doesn't mention Analogue any more!

Daft I know but that is what happened to me and again like you I'm very pleased with the monitor.

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