PC can not see rest of network

  davefinch 08:50 22 Jun 2009

I have 2 PCs hardiwred to a netgear DG834gt and a 16port hub with ndas disks and a print server hardwired as well. If I plug the PCs into the router I can connect to the net but cant see the other drives. If I plug a PC into the hub I can see the other drices but cant see the other PC and cant connect to the net. Anyone any ideas please

  mgmcc 11:49 22 Jun 2009

It sounds as though you may have connected the 'hub' to the router using a normal "straight-wired" ethernet cable, where a "crossover" cable is actually required.

Unless the router has "autosensing" ports, or the hub has an "uplink" port (usually switchable between conventional and crossover), then the router to hub connection will need to be made with a crossover ethernet cable.

  davefinch 12:07 22 Jun 2009

I have loads of cables - is there a way of telling the difference between them

  mgmcc 13:39 22 Jun 2009

Normally, a "crossover" cable would be marked as such - Belkin "crossover" cables, for example, tend to be yellow with grey plugs or grey with yellow plugs. There is supposed to be a way of telling by comparing the layout of wires within the plug but having looked at both types, I'm not sure what to look for.

If you connect two computers directly with a straight-wired cable, you'll get the "Network Cable Unplugged" error, with a crossover cable, you won't.

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