pc cabinet question .....

  woofwoofbark 14:52 19 Mar 2006

I have recently bought a pc cabinet with doors , I have bought this simply because my puppy >>LOVES to chew anything and everything that she can get her gnashers into lol .... ive even had to take the phone line from the skirting board and pin it around the ceiling ( shes bitten through it a few times ,

anyway my point is ....

The cabinet didnt come with a back wall , so ive bought some board and cut it to size to fit the back of the cabinet and have cut open holes to allow all my cables to connect to the comp printer and the speakers and the power cord .... but having watched footy on the tv ive returned to the comp , opened the doors to find the inside of the cabinet , in which the pc is situated inside , very warm indeed ..... is it wrong to cover the back of the cabinet as it keeps all the heat from the pc inside ?? i dont know if the the components will over heat or what ??? ive thought about sending the dog first class one-way too the moon ( just kidding haha )

is it ok to keep the back covered ( this keeps all my cables safe from 'Sandy'


should the back be open to let the heat escape ??

hope someone has some advice

many thanks


  ACOLYTE 14:57 19 Mar 2006

Why not drill more smaller holes in the back to let the heat out?,it maybe that covering the back has generated more heat thats why there wasnt one with it initialy.

  woofwoofbark 15:03 19 Mar 2006

good idea ....

thanks for your quick response ! makes sense , i will do this ....

but im still curious too find out if its safe to have the back covered .... as the heat from inside the pc is blown out of the comp and away from the components , shouldnt it be safe to cover the back ???

many thanks


  ACOLYTE 15:28 19 Mar 2006

It should be with adaquate ventilation,like more hole's,you could position them so they line up with the heat vents on the pc?,just an idea).You could also drill holes in the side and doors,but that may spoil the cabinet look,lol.

  wallbash 15:52 19 Mar 2006

My second computer 'hides' in a pedestal desk. So its enclosed on all sides. apart from the front. There is a gap of two inches on both sides, but minimum holes at rear, just enough to let the cables thru. Have run the computer 5/6 hours a day for the past year and have had no problems.

Guess will have readers who will insist on masses of cold air circulating every where, but with a puppy and wanting some sort of acceptable cabinet ????

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