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  hippo_oxford 01:38 10 Jan 2011

Hi, looking to upgrade our old desktop for another desktop.

Looked at eBuyer or Dell - but found forums listing terrible after sales service for both.

Any good experiences out there for either?

I liked a desktop on sale at eBuyer ( versus something similar on Dell ) as i5 + 6RAM was about £150 cheaper ) - but customer service sounds really appalling ( and in my one call to them to enquire about a spec. I gave up waiting after 10mins on hold - so doesn't bode well??.

Friend had suggest Dell in particular because of the customer aftersales support.

I was expecting to pay upfront for somesort of extra 1-2yr customer support help.

Should I forget Dell, and just expect to use a local computer repair shop ( and bank the money I save by not buying Dell to put towards the local shop - as when help is needed?

Not too concerned if there is a delay with delivery - but reliability is very important, and I really value a firm when I feel safe I'll be abel to get a problem sorted efficiently if something doesn't work - can anyone suggest some 'GOOD' firms. THanks for any suggestions.

  KremmenUK 06:45 10 Jan 2011


  User-312386 07:17 10 Jan 2011

I have always used Novatech click here and there customer service is second to none!

  Andsome 08:10 10 Jan 2011

This crops up regularly. Visit a local shop after first looking round and asking other people. Discuss your requirements with the owner and order one which is EXACTLY to your requirements. Tell him/her that you require a full installation disc to be supplied. You will get NO unwanted crapware or trials for this or that software. Prior to this, download your own choice of AV and firewall and save the installer to a memory stick, this means that the builder can install this software before going on line to test the new machine. You should be able to get delivery within two or three days, and advice is always on hand locally in the event of any problems. No more expensive helplines. You may pay a little more in the first instance because there is no so called FREE software, but you will save an awful lot of grief later on.

The only better method is if you can build it yourself. I would recommend two hard drives, plus a large plug in hard drives to save back ups onto, and ACRONIS to make those back ups.

  muergo2 14:19 10 Jan 2011

Just saw this message which is just the same as my dilemma.

I have now virtually decided, unless I get any negative feedback to go with PCA nbr1 this month, the Chillblast Fusion Shogun, local assembler (to me) and good reviews for cust service and guarantee.

I have more to say on my own thread

  jamesd1981 14:48 10 Jan 2011

well hippo i am a long customer of ebuyer, and buy loads from them everything from sata cable to a motherboard, and ive never had a bit of trouble, there free 5 day delivery if you spend over £50, i have yet to wait the 5 days ive even seen the item delivered the next day, and anytime if had return issue, there has been no squable just a straight replacement, i would highly recommend them, also you may want to look at scan.com they are also very good although you pay for delivery.

  hippo_oxford 10:51 11 Jan 2011

Have narrowed down choice a bit! to:
eBuyer, Dell, Novatech, Mesh and Dino.

But frustratingly there still seem to be huge variables in customer service on quite a few of these.

Though the DinoPC gets top place in the £500-700price range which is what I'd set myself to spend!

few general 'upgrade questions' do people think it's worthwhile upgrading to say from 4 to 6GB fi it's £50ish at time of purchase, likewsie worth upgrading to a better power unit 500-700w at time of purchase?

Thanks for any suggestions.

  Woolwell 12:03 11 Jan 2011

I suggest that you look at the Consumerwatch forum. Narrowing a list down which includes Mesh and DinoPC surprises me especially the choice of Mesh.

Suggest you also look at Chilliblast and Cougar.

  GaT7 12:14 11 Jan 2011

Have a look in the Computer Reliability and Service Awards 2010 thread click here.

"...do people think it's worthwhile upgrading to say from 4 to 6GB fi it's £50ish at time of purchase, likewsie worth upgrading to a better power unit 500-700w at time of purchase?"

Would depend on the system & your reasons for doing it.

E.g. 6Gb RAM will be wasted on a system with a 32-bit OS. A 700W PSU may be pointless as well if there was no good reason for choosing it.

So post a few links of these systems, the specific upgrades you're considering & the reason for choosing them, & we'll let you know if they may be worthwhile or not. G

  hippo_oxford 22:49 11 Jan 2011

THanks, as thee are essentially 2 main parts to my question - the system itself, and the quality of customer service -

I started a different question thread ref. the specification fo the system and what people think,

and thought I'd leave thsi one running ref. the supplier - and Customer care.

Chillblast seem to get excellent score in the PC Pro awards - will give them a call and see what they sound like. Anyone had recent experiences of them?


  wee eddie 23:12 11 Jan 2011

had problems. Some are more vociferous than others, also, frequently we are only hearing one side of the story.

So: How many PCs is the chosen Company making and how many complaints are there.

Remember, for example, that those that go to Mesh are usually looking for Cutting Edge PCs at knock down prices, using Products that may be in short supply, but Mesh will get the flack if there are problems in the supply chain. Having said that ~ When things do go wrong Mesh seem to make a pretty fair horlics of it. But thousands of their PCs appear to perform as perfectly well as expected.

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