PC building

  Hrosir 13:38 14 Mar 2004

I am in the middle of assembling my first PC and so far things are ok. The only part which has me sweating is fitting the chip, an Athlon xp2800. I have it inserted and am now about to fit the cooler, an Arctic Cooler. I am finding it difficult to get the clasp to engage on both sides of the mount and it seems to require a lot of preassure to get the clasp to reach the locking bar, is this normal or is it me being too cautious about pushing harder. My Motherboard is an Asus A7N8X DE LUXE.Any advice would be apppreciated

  leo49 13:44 14 Mar 2004

It does make you sweat,doesn't it? Just make sure that you're holding the cooler square on the chip as you push down the clip with the screwdriver.It will go on,just keep carefully perservering.It has to be tight as it's quite a weight to be held in place once the case is upright.

  spuds 13:48 14 Mar 2004

If you are building, this site may help click here.

  stef9000 13:51 14 Mar 2004

hi the asus board is the same as mine and when i came to fit the chip in mine it was very hard to get the clasps to click but its just normal dont worry.be sure to set the fsb in dos and alter the jumpers on the board.

  norman47 13:52 14 Mar 2004

As leo49 says it sometimes does take a bit of force, make sure you use a flat bladed screw driver to ease it down and on.

Have a look at these AMD video's, they will help,

click here

  Hrosir 14:17 14 Mar 2004

Thanks for the advice, and yes it has gone on ok with a bit of muscle, ha ha! and a Yankee screwdriver!
I notice that the fsb has to be set but I assumed from the info that came with the board that this was preset at 333 and to move the jumper for 400 fsb only? Excuse my caution but as this is my first project I am very cautious and have handled the motherboard as though it was a living organism!. I sweat whenever I put anything into the skin now.
Thanks again for the exellent responses and to PC Advisor.

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