PC builders.

  Vince3893 20:56 19 Feb 2008

My friend is a real computer whizz and he convinced me to by a set of components which he would then put together. Unfortunately his mother has been taken seriously ill and it looks like 4-5 months before anything can happen. I was wondering if anyone knew any companies that do home visits in the midlands area for a situation like this?
Many thanks, Vincent Harrold.

  MAJ 21:17 19 Feb 2008

Why not try doing it yourself, Vince3893?

  Technotiger 21:32 19 Feb 2008

You may find this interesting ... click here

  woodchip 21:42 19 Feb 2008

It's as Easy as Falling of a Bike

  woodchip 21:42 19 Feb 2008

It's as Easy as Falling of a Bike, Unless you can ride a bike

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:55 19 Feb 2008

Build your own PC
Videos click here
Info click here
PCmech click here

  bluto1 22:07 19 Feb 2008

And come back here for the help that these guys give so willingly.

  Simsy 10:48 20 Feb 2008

lets make sure that you have ALL the components that will be needed...

Case. (This will normally include a power supply, but if it doesn't then one will be needed.)

Processor chip
(These two items will need to be compatible with each other!)

RAM (Which needs to be compatible with the motherboard)

Graphics card. (Which may not be needed if the notherboard has integrated graphics. If it doesn't, and you do need a card, it needs to be compatible with the motherboard)

Hard Drive(s).(compatible with the motherboard, i.e. SATA or not)

Optical (i.e. CD/DVD) drive(s)

And possibly a "network card", modem and/or sound card depending on whether they are integrated into the motherboard.

And an Operating system, eg Windows or Linux.

How much of this you have already got may infuence whether you go ahead on the build it yourself route.

Do you have everything?



  keef66 11:05 20 Feb 2008

Pc's are pretty much like Lego these days, so if you're careful you can do it yourself and feel like a god when it starts up first time.
That's what I'd do, but I'm a Yorkshireman and hate paying anyone to do something I think I can do myself.

I'd do it for you, but I'm in Newmarket.

Alternatively, find a small, local pc shop, explain your situation, and ask them how much they'd charge to put it together for you. Shouldn't take them more than a couple of hours

  Wrinkles 13:06 20 Feb 2008

Midlands Huh! If you are anywhere near B27 then email me and you can bring your stuff around one evening and we'll knock you out a nice new PC in a couple of hours

  Wrinkles 13:07 20 Feb 2008

Oh! I forgot to add, I will charge you but £10 won't break you, Bring your own beer

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