PC Builder Questions.. Might be basic?

  ste_bla 05:17 18 May 2004

Right so nearly bought components and they are:

GA-8IPE 1000 Pro2
2.8ghz 800fsb 1mb
2x256 ddr400 (crucial value dual)
80gb Sata 7200 8mb
128mb radeon 9600 xt tv+dvi
52x Cd-rom
1.44 Floppy
Scan Tower Case w/350w PSU
M$ WinXP Home

Total from scan : 560

Now the questions (tried phone email scan but they r useless answer my questions!)

1. Do P4 Retail fans come with heatsinks?
2. If HDD doesnt come with screw where to buy?
3. The case has 3+ fans so how do i connect to MOBO?
4. If a case come with FR_USB does it norm inc cables for it? if not where to buy?
5. How do Mobos connect to case are there universal wholes/connections?

6. Also any surgestions (DVD-RW when got more money as hav CDRW on laptop so not 2 important)?

These might see simple questions but first build and want to make sure before buy, would get local shop to do it but they wanted 850 compared to 560!!

  ened 06:34 18 May 2004

1 It depends - what do the specs say?
Screws usually provided with case
Manual will tell you & PSU often has connectors
Fr USB will have cables attached - follow MOBO manual to connect (Fiddly job)
Spacers and screws usually come with case.

Loads of posts about DVD burners in Forum.

  Dumble452 06:57 18 May 2004

If the HDD is OEM it may not come with screws, mine didn't. My local (small) computer shop was very helpful and even provided me with cable ties and audio cables for my CDRW drive at a very reasonable price. This was surprising since all I had bought from them were 2 round IDE cables to replace the ribbon cables which came with the drives.
I don't know the answer re P4 as I went for an AMD motherboard bundle and the heatsink and processor fan was included with that.
My MoBo had one connection for a case fan, and I was advised on here just to connect the rear fan to that and connect any other fan(s) direct from the PSU.
The front USB cables etc were clearly marked and just took a little patience to fit.

Make sure all your jumpers are set properly!

Good luck, it will be worth it.

  ste_bla 07:57 18 May 2004

Cool, only thing now is how do i attach the 3 cas fans, mobo has heat sink fan connection and 1 system fan connector...

So how do i connect the other 2 fans to PSU?

  Dumble452 08:07 18 May 2004

Use spare power connectors from the PSU

  rickf 15:00 18 May 2004

And you can use splitters if you have too!

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