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  i've no idea 07:30 16 Jul 2006

I've started my pc media build (thanks to those on the forum who helped with components!).

A couple of questions -

I've bought an Antec Overture II Case and an ASUS M2N-E motherboard. The case has 3 fans (in addition to the power supply fan) but these only have a 4 pin power connection not any connection for the m/b which is 3 pin. Is this ok or can you get converters for the m/b?

I've connected the front panel connections but am very unsure of the orientation of a couple of the connections. The case instructions say 'black' is ground but couple of cables have no black (therefore no ground?) so not sure if orientation is correct. Anyone with an Antec Overture that can help. Obviously I've not powered up yet!

One real annoyance has been the front panel audio connection the header for which is right at the rear of the motherboard. I had to unbundle from the other wires to get it to reach and even then it's very tight to one of the PCI slots which will make it unusable I think. Not sure whether to blame Antec for making the cable short or ASUS for the placement of connector on the mobo!. Can you get an extender for this type of cable (Intel standard 10-pin connector with 7 individual wires)?

Any help greatly appreciated. I may have more questions as I progress!

  Gongoozler 08:54 16 Jul 2006

Hi "i've no idea".
If the front panel connectors you're having problems with Are to switches, LEDs or the speaker, then don't worry too much about the orientation. The switches and speaker don't care at all, and if you get the LEDs wrong all that will happen is that they won't light up, so you then simply reverse them. As for the audio connectors, my approach would be simply to solder in a length of wire to extend the cable. Motherboard sound circuits are generally at the back of the motherboard simply because that is where the main connectors are and so this minimises any pickup of digital noise onto the sound. The case makers, on the other hand will generally want to keep their cables short to minimise the clutter of cables. In the case of the audio cables I think Antec failed to realise that audio needs that little extra.

  i've no idea 09:52 16 Jul 2006

Thanks Gongoozler.

The motherboard has built in sound anyway with connections on the rear panel so I'm not too worried about that.

I've just installed the HDD, DVD and Graphics Card so I'm all ready for the 'smoke test'. Wish me luck!

  i've no idea 13:50 16 Jul 2006

Ok. I'm up and running first time! I'm even typing this on the new PC!!!

The only dissapointment I have is the graphics card. The fan is much too noisey for a media PC. Is there any way the fan can be changed on the card for something quieter? The card is a Gainward Bliss 7900Gt PCX.

If not I will be putting this card in my other PC and buying a quieter one for this PC!!

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