PC build.. no Power.Front panel connector's???

  Field Division 00:29 16 Oct 2006

I have started building a low budget pc, My M/B is a RS Rock P4i65G with a Intel Celeron on board which i supplied from a prevoius PC, The case I bought is a Cobra FW1394,I plugged all the required cables in no problem apart from the front panel connectors which gave me a bit of a problem, the cables from the case are as follows, 1 conn with 2 wires for the reset button and 1 conn for the power button, on the M/B it has a connector with 4 pins on 1 side of the connector for the reset and 4 on the other side for the power on,I do know that it says in the M/B manual that such an such is ground/positive n negitive. but im a wee bit lost because I only have 2 pins on either side that can be connected(i.e Panel/Reset) so I plugged them in as I thought best,But I think I may have blown the Power supply as it went pop..Can anyone please tell me what pin should go to which pin?It may be a lost cause now if I did blow it,Might chance my luck and say to the shop this case aint no good..

  Sparkly 10:39 16 Oct 2006

Hi field division i had somewhat the same prob with my build a year ago, i was given this link it may help good luck.
click here

  Sparkly 10:42 16 Oct 2006

PS click next at bottom of page to take you to the audio page i posted the wrong page.

  Field Division 12:28 16 Oct 2006

Thanks Sparky,this will give me somthing to keep me busy..Will update l8r

  Field Division 12:29 16 Oct 2006

sorry ment Sparkly..

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