PC build new or upgrade???

  raggy 2 20:07 27 Jan 2006

Hi guys I was wondering how do I find out how much I can upgrade on my system?? I am unsure how to check if my processor can be upgraded, the memory, graphics card, motherboard.
At present I have a P4 2ghz processor 756 ram memory but not sure what graphics card(how can I check, if more info is required where do I look.
I am looking to upgrade as some of the new games I am buying is leaving my system to the limit
(civilization 4) also any good sites for buying parts online would be great.
Thanks in advance

  ed-0 20:13 27 Jan 2006

Download click here cpu-z. This will tell you what motherboard, cpu and memory you have.

  Gongoozler 20:15 27 Jan 2006

Run Belarc Advisor click here. This free utility will tell you most things you need to know about your computer, then post back here with information on your motherboard and graphics card.

  malgall 20:15 27 Jan 2006

i have an amd 2100 xp the problem is to get a good jump means changing motherboard and cpu
then the 3d card because they are now pci express
not agp your hard drive will work but the new motherboard will have sata as well which is a quicker hard drive conector so at this point you might as well buy a new one with the fastest cpu you can get you hands on

  raggy 2 20:33 27 Jan 2006

graphics card NVIDIA geforce 4 mx440
memory 756 mb DIMM SDRAM
motherboard is american trends MS-6547 chipset model SiS645 CPU to PCI BRIDGE OEM BIOS
Anything else needed ed-O or Gongoozler

  malgall 20:39 27 Jan 2006

your weak point is the 3d card i would expect that
the 3d card is agp 8x in which case buy a new 3d card i think you will notice a big improvement
my 3d card is ati x800xl and civ 4 works well on my computer

  raggy 2 20:41 27 Jan 2006

where did you buy it from

  gudgulf 20:44 27 Jan 2006

Your processor is almost certainly a socket 478....which is now obsolete and therefore difficult to get hold of.

The weakest link on your pc though is definitely the mx440 graphics card....these are based on the old GeForce2 series cards.Five generations older than the latest 7 series NVidia cards!

Something like this click here will improve things dramatically.

It may be time to think about a new pc though......yours is soon going to be below the minimum specification for most new games.....and other than the graphics the options for upgrading are very limited.

  malgall 20:48 27 Jan 2006

what kind of money do you want to spend

  woodchip 20:50 27 Jan 2006

P4 Mobo's tend to take bigger CPU's

  ed-0 20:50 27 Jan 2006

Your motherboard only supports 4X agp and the max cpu is just a 400Mhz 2.8 cpu. click here

On the positive side it will take upto 3Gb of ram.

Economically it would be better puting the money into a better bare bones system.

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