PC Build Help? And Advice,

  mrrob27 20:21 22 Jun 2011

Hello all this is my first post in this forum,

anyway after years of paying for over priced, pre built PC's im making the jump into the 'build your own' world and am after some help,

my pc will be used for gaming and various multi tasking.

first of all ive decided to use a AMD Phenom II X4 965 CPU, im unsure on which motherboard to use and which one my CPU will fit into it? will it fit into most? ive been looking at the ASUS M4A77T AMD 770/SB710 ATX Motherboard - AM3 Socket.

also ive been considering the cooler master centurion 5 ii, will the motherboard mentioned above fit into this? and what power supply will i need? power supply units have confused me the most :/

any criticisms, advice, help and anything else will be greatly appreciated

thanks in advance Rob

  chub_tor 22:13 22 Jun 2011

The Phenom II x4 945 is on the supported CPU list for the Asus M4A77T See Here but you probably knew that. And yes that board will fit in the Centurion 5 ii case. As for power supplies you need one in the 600W to 750W range, a few suggestions from ebuyer try for a brand name for best reliability but read the reviews they will guide you. You don't mention graphics which will be the most important component in a gaming machine and again you need to check on-line reviews. My only experience is with the ATI Radeon series and in that you will need a minimum of an HD5770. For the operating system I would choose Win7 64bit and put in 8Gb of fast DDR3 RAM

  mrrob27 23:05 22 Jun 2011

thanks for your response

im thinking on the nvida geforce gtx 260, will this be okay with the cpu, motherboard and case mentioned above, also is it capable of running the latest games?

thanks very much

  chub_tor 08:46 23 Jun 2011

Take a look at this and then you decide. Also this chart compares most of the available new cards

  gengiscant 09:06 23 Jun 2011

First of all your case will take the motherboard you are interested in. Your motherboard supports,as 'chub_tor' has said, your CPU of choice, you certainly do not need a power supply of 600W-750W. Your case with an ample power supply can be had from Ebuyer, Case You do not say how much you are spending on you graphics card but I think I would prefer the HD 6870 over the GTX 260

  mrrob27 14:25 23 Jun 2011

hello and thanks for your reply

yeah i looked on ebuyer and saw that case with a 500w supply, would this be enough?

and i think between £100 - £200 for my graphics card, but that im not really too sure,

  gengiscant 15:46 23 Jun 2011

More than enough power.

Graphics card, how about the GTX 460 GPU Well within your price range and you will have more than enough power with the 500W PSU.

  mrrob27 17:00 23 Jun 2011

thanks for all your help guys, this is my first solo build (done a few group builds at uni) anyway i think ive got my final build but would happily like to recieve, change reccomendations, advice etc etc, so.....

CPU - AMD Phenom II x4 965

Motherboard - Asus M4A77T

Ram - Kingston 4gb value ram DDR3 (X2)

Graphics Card - Nvidia Geforce GTX 460

SSD - Crucial 64GB M4 SATA (FOR OS and applications etc)

HDD - Seagate Barracuda 1TB 3.5 SATA 6GB (for files, music photo, etc)

Case - Coolermaster elite 430 with 500w psu

i will be using this for mainly gaming and maybe dabble in photo and video editing, do you think this will cope? please any feeback will be greatly appreciated

thanks in advance

  gengiscant 17:58 23 Jun 2011

I would split the 1TB HDD for 2 500GB HDD's.

Have you checked the Memory Support List. RAM always worth a look, or post the part number and I'll have a look.

I would stick a couple of 120mm fan in the top of the case to draw hot air out, also stick one in the back.

  mrrob27 18:17 23 Jun 2011

thanks for your reply

what are the advantages of splitting the 1tb too 2 500gb,just our of curiosity,

and the part number is KVR1333D3N9/4G i went on the basis that i probably wont be overclocking as im not confident on how or what to do, so i went with a cheap stick

and yeah ive got the fans sorted out,

thanks a lot

  chub_tor 19:52 23 Jun 2011

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