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  Danny Barnard 18:15 07 Jun 2009

Hi all In a couple of days or so I'm gonna start ordering parts for my PC build. I'm still unsure about some things but I think I've got most of it thought of most of it. I'm getting a Asus Rampage II GENE microATX motherboard, with an Intel Core i7 920, a Thermaltake LanBox Case, a 6GB (3x2GB) pack of corsair memory (not entirely certain which one though yet but I have heard good things about corsair so if anyone knows a particularly good one can you let me know), I'm trying to decide on a blue-ray drive at the moment,(I'm willing to dish out a bit for blue ray looks good) I don't need a blue-ray or hd dvd-burner though but I would like something that can read em and burn DVDs and is reliable. Because of the box I need a low CPU fan cooler, I'm worried about cooling because I've got quite a lot of gear in a small case I'm thinking about the Scythe Shuriken CPU Cooler. Very low so I would have plenty of room but although reviews say its quite high performance I'm not too convinced (seems a bit small to do all that) The clearance is a height of 100mm so if anyone knows of any good ones pls say. Also can I ask when installing hard drives on installation do I have to put two in if I want 2 to begin with, as in if I installed a hard drive could I place another one in later, because I heard with 2 hard drives you need to do RAID on installation, but I don't really know if I need 2. I was thinking along the lines of western digital as they are recommended. For my PCU im getting a 600w coolermaster silent pro modular, I'm trying to find out how much power my motherboard needs I think this should surfice though. Do motherboards need a lot of power? I have a GeForce 9600 GT, this will do for now I think but I wanna get high spec everything else to really make it future proof as Graphics cards are easily interchangable. Can anyone see any combatability/power/cooling problems? So in summary my build at the moment,

Intel i7 920,
Asus Rampage II GENE microATX motherboard,
Thermaltake Lanbox,
6Gb corsair memory (not finalised),
Blue Ray drive (not finalised,
western digital hard drive 300GB-500Gb SATA2,
Scythe Shuriken CPU Cooler,
600w coolermaster silent pro modular,
GeForce 9600 GT graphics card

It will cost a lot but I'm working all summer so will make it up. Any suggestions?

  OTT_Buzzard 18:46 07 Jun 2009

As far as your cooling goes, although the CPU is very important (esp if you're overclocking), getting heat out of the case is just as critical. Getting cool air in is also important. To this end, you may want to look at aftermarket case fans.

For your hard drives, you can easily have 2 HDD's so no need to worry about that. If you down the RAID route then you will need to do that when you install your operating system. Talking about operating systems, I'm assuming you're going down the 64 bit route (as you are getting 6gb RAM) so check to see if the applcations you use will run properly. Chances are that you will be ok, but it's worth the time to check.

I've got an LG Blu-Ray rewriter that I use on my main PC. It can be a tad noisy but has given me faultless performance.

  I am Spartacus 18:51 07 Jun 2009

I doubt the Scythe Shuriken will be able to cool a Core i7 even at stock speeds. I'm struggling to think of any low height heatsinks that would.

I think Shuttle have a new case designed for the Core i7 that uses a heat pipe arrangement.

  I am Spartacus 18:52 07 Jun 2009

A review of the Shuttle case click here

  Danny Barnard 13:20 08 Jun 2009

I'm really confused with the shuttle though. It looks good but am I buying a case? It looks like its a case + a motherboard +water cooling system.I don't mind that but it kinda makes me think if it's accessible. I mean what if I wanna replace something is it an entirely closed system? Because if they are selling it as this pack it kinda makes me think I wont be able to take it apart. Also I have always had fears about water cooling, don't like the idea of water near electronics does not bode well with me. Are water cooling systems reliable, how much of a knock could it take without irreparable damage?

  OTT_Buzzard 13:40 08 Jun 2009

I have to admit, I thought the Shuttle range was sold either as barebones or fully built....

Water coolng is perfectly safe if installed correctly. How many knocks could it take?? Errr. Don't know, but I wouldn't try and find out by any practical method!!

If you're not overclocking the CPU, then you could do worse than to use the Intel stock cooler.

Just re-reading your first post. For your PSU, what draws most power is graphics cards. For a single card a branded 600W unit will probably suffice. click here for an onlione power supply calculator

  Danny Barnard 13:54 08 Jun 2009

Yeah I really like the look of it I just feel if I went for it my bank balance may take quite a blow...I think it's ok It's just £466 for just the case and motherboard +cooling. I'm confused though when it says it comes with a cooling system is that + the cpu heatsink + fan? I may think it may be a bit much if it was not including that..

  retep888 17:19 08 Jun 2009

The i7 920 runs very cool in Rampage II,mid 20s during idle & 40ish under load(though I've the Rampage II Extreme full ATX).

The Scythe Shuriken CPU Cooler is a very good brand,should be doing a good cooling job only to ensure it has enough clearance above the Mosfet & NB heatsink.

I'm using this 1600mhz Corsair ram click here which is compatible with this Mobo & very stable however if you're not overclocking, you'll only use 1066 mhz of the ram,so save some money & order click here or click here.

You don't need 2 drives in the Lan box,the less hardware the better,just go for one biggest hard drive you can afford.

I'd opt for a bigger PSU 750W(modular of course for better air flow) click here and future Gx card upgrade although 600W is good for upto GTX280/5.

Cooling is a big problem here so be prepare to order 1 extra 60mm fan and you may slide open the lid handle in extreme condition.The 9600GT won't pump out much heat but the big brother will.

Personally I prefer the Thermaltake to Shuttle barebone,actually there is no watercooling in the Shuttle,just some passive heatsink and pipe(less fan ,less noise).

  Danny Barnard 17:35 08 Jun 2009

Cool thats a real big help, The shuriken (in theory) should have around 3.5cm clearance. To be honest I have no plan on overclocking maybe later but to be honest I am well willing to sacrifice the compactability for slower stock speeds. Besides the i7 is gonna be obscene in regular clock speeds. Cooler master have a modular PSU at 700W so I think I'll get that. That power supply calculator was really useful and If I was to get an upgrade I would need a higher power supply so I'll think I'll get it. I suppose I could always upgrade the PSU if I had too. Do you reckon a 3.5cm clearance will surfice at regular clock speeds?. I really have no plan to overclock. Yeah with the Thermaltake it has that extra space for a fan. Thats useful. It's just to be honest I have no idea what the cooling requirements for an i7 is...

  Danny Barnard 17:37 08 Jun 2009

I have just read what I have written and very glad I didn't do English as a subject...

  I am Spartacus 01:52 09 Jun 2009

I'll be extremely surprised if the Shuriken in a small case can cope with the temperatures unless you plan on using case and CPU fans with very high airflow. The reviews I've read indicate anything from the low to high 30's at idle with the stock cooler although they don't always state the ambient. From that I would be guessing a Delta T of around 10-15ºC. Load temps are indicated in the high 50's to low 60's.

The Shuttle vapour system does appear to use water rather than being passive but it's a totally sealed unit. The process is described in the review of the Sapphire GPU click here

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