pc bugdoctor

  m312L1n 00:00 10 Jan 2005

Wondering if anyone has heard of this program and has anything to say about it?

  havanajoe 00:09 10 Jan 2005

click here
I've read opinion somewhere that they use questionable sales techniques. There are lots of freeware progs.

  GaT7 00:42 10 Jan 2005

m312L1n, have you tried it? It'll scan for errors & tell you how many problems it finds but will NOT let you repair anything unless you pay for it (from what I remember when I used it 2 years ago). IMHO, most of the errors it lists are 'false-positives' - to make one think something is wrong when it isn't. Plus most of these errors are probably minor & one doesn't need to pay to repair them.

To see what some users (at download.com) think of PC Bug Doctor click here. OK, may not be the best place to look for a good, unbiased opinion!

Optimizers (& Diagnostics) at download.com - sorted by user rating - PC Bug Doctor received a 21% positive rating, so will appear much lower down the list - click here?

You know if you have a problem, you can post it here & someone will tell you how to fix it, give you a link or tell you to download programs (free ones as far as possible) to fix them : ) G

  Kev.Ifty 01:08 10 Jan 2005

Is this the sucker

click here

You were wondering what some may have to say?

May i ask you a question? Are you an affiliate! that is trying to get people to use this... em... thing?

There are too many Excellent FREE programs available to bother with this cra... sorry 'program'.

I would not touch it with yours!!

Many thanx but No Thanx


  m312L1n 07:15 10 Jan 2005

Affiliate NO! lol although my approach to finding out about this programs does seem like a tactic one would use.

My interest is to find out wether or not to pay heed to its warnings. Looks like another waste of space. Thank you all.

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