pc bugdoctor?

  Head hurts 13:28 21 Aug 2004

I have been coming across the above which claims to solve dll probs and many other wonderful things so thought i would visit the site but it wants to scan my system so thought best not.
have not seen this spoken about on this site and a search of threads throws nothing up.
is this a good programme or is it some crafty way of hiding spyware etc on my pc. thought with all the wealth of knowledge out there someone may know and if its not good advise me and others to stay clear.
many thanks.

  stalion 13:31 21 Aug 2004

this program is ok but you have to pay for it.

  spuds 22:04 21 Aug 2004

Don't waste your money.It will scan your system, but you will have to pay to remove any problems. Other programmes out there for free.

  Dan the Confused 22:10 21 Aug 2004

I think it is harmless, but just a simple registry cleaner. There are much better free ones available, such as RegScrubXP and EasyCleaner.

Don't be tempted by any ads you see on Google, a lot of them are scamware.

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