PC Budget

  2Xtreme_lives 21:34 11 Jan 2007

In then near future i am looking for the PC with the following specs or similar:
Intel Quad Core or Similar (AMD FX ect)
Nvidia 8800GTX (Must be GTX not GTS)
A decent enough motherboard
Speakers/Keyboard/Mouse But NO monitor
All for around £1500

Is this possible?, i have tried MESH, Cyberpower, Alienware and W2F so far. The closest i got was Cyberpower but with an X2 5200+.Any suggestions?

  SANTOS7 21:40 11 Jan 2007

click here
top PC on here isn't to shabby.
Bought a tower from Arbeco couple of years ago from ebay can't fault it, superb service

  Totally-braindead 21:46 11 Jan 2007

Are quad core processor even available yet?

  Totally-braindead 21:52 11 Jan 2007

Answered my own question click here they are available.

  skidzy 21:53 11 Jan 2007

Apparently so Totally-braindead click here

  skidzy 21:54 11 Jan 2007

oops..beat me to it TB

  2Xtreme_lives 22:00 11 Jan 2007

Thanks Santos, yeah that top pc is very nice, one thing i don't get though, it says the case has a 480W PSU, would't two GTCs require around 900w?

  Totally-braindead 01:29 12 Jan 2007

2Xtreme_lives it doesn't work that way. It would if the 450 watts was required for the graphics card only. But its not. They say 450 watts for a standard PC AND one graphics card. The addition of a second graphics card only adds on another few watts.
Personally if I was spending that sort of money on a PC I would want to upgrade the power supply to something like a 550 watt to futureproof it in case I added more bit on later, plus I would want a branded power supply. Perhaps this one comes with a branded one I don't know.

  2Xtreme_lives 18:05 12 Jan 2007

I see, but i remember reading that you need at least a 450W PSU or the graphics card won't work.

  Totally-braindead 14:36 13 Jan 2007

The graphics card alone does not take 450 watts.

It will need at least a 450 watt supply to work properly because there are other components which also require power, motherboard, memory, processor, fans, hard drives etc. Therefore all the components together means you need at least a 450 watt supply to ensure they all get enough power.

Lets put it another way. If you had a PC with the most power hungry processor you could find and you have 4 individual Ram chips and have 4 or 5 hard drives and perhaps 2 or 3 optical drives then add on a sound card and perhaps a TV card and maybe another couple of devices and some case fans. Then its likely that 450 watts would not run all that and you would need more.

They say a minimum 450 watt power supply required as from their experience of the majority of peoples computers this is what they need. Some MIGHT get away with a 350 watt power supply IF the other components weren't using too much power and IF it was a good quality one. On the other hard if theres someone with a lot of things on his computer then its unlikely even a 450 watt power supply would run it.

I hope you see what I mean now. Hence my suggestion to get a more powerful power supply.

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