PC with Broadband & my Laptop has Wireless Tech

  Giggle n' Bits 20:06 24 Nov 2004

Ok, I have a PC running BT B/Band with the Alcatel USB Modem (Frog) it runs XP Home SP2

I also have a Sony Viao S series which has Wireless LAN built in. This Runs XP Home SP1

I want to be able to access the internet using the Laptop as well as PC but not sure how and what else if anything I need.

Can someone help or advise what I need to do to set get it all sorted please.

Do I need anything else like a router, do I need to call BT and tell them I want to do this ?

Help please.

  Giggle n' Bits 23:30 24 Nov 2004


  woodt 23:53 24 Nov 2004

You need a router to connect the two PCs together on a LAN and you should be able to configure ICS to allow the laptop to share the Internet although this is not simple. The best arrangement is Ethernet modem connected to router which is connected to each PC. That way only modem and router need to be on for either PC to get online.

  Giggle n' Bits 00:53 25 Nov 2004

Lan from the laptop not by using wires, I thougt a wireless Router would be needed. ?

But only a novice on networking so can someone call in and fill in the gaps please.

woodt, not saying your wrong but I don't know if you understood me Question.

I want to use the laptop wireless centrino technology to be able to access the internet from the computers USB B/Band modem modem.

I really don't want to start trailing wires from Lan Cards.

  woodt 10:37 25 Nov 2004

No I understand you completely but perhaps I didn't explain properly.

You need a wireless router to connect your laptop to the internet via your desktop. Your modem is usb which will not connect to any router that I know of so you have two options, or maybe three.

1. Keep your existing setup and just connect a wireless router to your desktop via a Lan cable and connect your wireless laptop to the router and share the internet connection setting (ICS) of your desktop.

2. As above but add a wireless card or USB adapter to your desktop and connect that wirelessly instead of via cable

3. Probably the best option. Ditch your USB modem and buy a combined wireless router/modem.

Fot a full description of networking etc please read this excellent post.

click here

  Giggle n' Bits 13:25 25 Nov 2004

Now I get the picture, sorry I didn't understand before and that link to other post by Gaz will have to read it.

Think there should be some sort of option for a printable page at this forum FE do select/de-select the required postings on a Thread.

Thanks again woodt !

  nkosi 22:25 25 Nov 2004

I'm a network novice and have just done what you want to do using a bundle from bt.com. I am with BT/Yahoo and used the USB frog modem. click here for my comments.

click here for the bt.com shop containing an illustrated guide to home networking and some bundles like the one I bought.

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