pc boots up but no picture

  patrick-1429172 18:11 05 Mar 2010

I'm transferring my files via USB to my new PC ...unfortunately my old PC has stopped working ....

It worked fine last night .... but today when i turned it on ... ie: connected power cable back up...........
the PC turns itself on ( without the need for me to hit the front power button ) ..... 3 loud 'beeps' sound ... the keyboard lights flash .... but then nothing from the keyboard ( ie: the lights vanish .... this is not usually the case ) ...

the monitor then turns itself off as there seems to be no signal received .... but the fans and power buttons are all still blazing away like normal

it's my old PC , which runs with a integrated graphics card .......

it would be great if someone could shed some light on this issue for me ....

thanking you in advance


  lotvic 18:36 05 Mar 2010

3 beeps is RAM memory sticks problem (usually) click here
they may have worked loose. Take them out and re seat them. Try one stick at a time in case one has gone faulty.

  patrick-1429172 23:02 05 Mar 2010

thanks 'lotvic' for the link ... it was a great help .....

I think it's the integrated graphics card.....

1 long beep and two short ones ..... I had to listen to it again to make sure .....

but after turning it on again .....now the fans don't boot .....only the front power button lights up , and nothing else not even the BEEPS ......which is worrying

but after reading another post on another site ... it said it might be worth trying another card .... it's an old PC with only 'AGP' slots ... i looked at the price of cards... and to be-honest ...am coming to a conclusion is it worth throwing money at old technology, with the possibility of other parts going soon .....

I was going to wipe it and give to my mother to surf the net with .....but think i might just buy a cheap base unit .... i seen a duo core for £200 squid ....it might be worth just doing that rather than giving the computer shop parts and labour costs

  lotvic 02:16 06 Mar 2010

Aye, it's always a bit sad when 'old faithful' has had enough.... RIP

  cheap 08:45 06 Mar 2010

Why dont you take out old hard drive and fit it in your new pc. Then you can just transfer your files over to new hard drive.

  Diemmess 08:55 06 Mar 2010

To avoid any warranty infringement (opening the new PC) buy a suitable (IDE ?)case and use the old HD as an external HD.

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