PC Boot Time 5 mins! New CPU, Window Vista

  pcmuppet 22:03 01 Feb 2009

Hi, I have updated my CPU from an AWD X2 6400 to a Phenom 9950 BE which is supported by my mobo, I have also successfully updated the BIOS and reset the CMOS settings.

The PC now takes approx 5 to 6 mins to boot to the POST screen, it does not display any error messages and there are no POST Bleeps to suggest a hardware failure. During the time the hard drive light is flashing furiously it then eventually stops flashing and the POST screen appears, you can then enter TAB to view messages, Del for setup and F8 etc. if you do nothing The PC then loads Vista and everything works fine.

I have tried Last known good config but the result is the same. Interestingly, if you shut down and restart the PC boots up in normal time!

I was going to try system restore next to a point before I loaded the new CPU?

Any suggestions welcome.


  brundle 22:15 01 Feb 2009

"The PC now takes approx 5 to 6 mins to boot to the POST screen" - if that's the case the problem is nothing to do with Windows.

  brundle 22:19 01 Feb 2009

Having said that, you may have a problem with your HD, the MBR is loaded when the computer starts up - you might want to run a

chkdsk c: /r

from Safe Mode when you get into Windows.

Disconnect all but essential hardware except mouse/kbd/monitor. Do things improve?

click here
A lot of things happen before your PC even starts looking for an OS to load.

  pcmuppet 22:24 01 Feb 2009

Thanks Brundle will try this tomorrow. Appreciate the quick response.

  pcmuppet 13:51 02 Feb 2009

I took out components as suggested to no avail, however on a further reboot I did get into the BIOS and checked the boot order.

Removeable drive was first, followed by hard drive. This must have happened when the CMOS was reset. I changed the order back to hard drive, saved and then went into Vista ok. I shutdown and then switched on again expecting all to work. However, now the PC starts up and the fans go on, however, even after 20 mins, nothing appears on the screen! the monitor is fine.

Have reset the CMOS again, but to no avail. Nothing on the display at all. I can see my only option as creating a vista boot option from a flash drive? any other ideas? Thanks

  brundle 14:27 02 Feb 2009

The machine won't (or shouldn't) wait that long if it can't find a USB drive to boot from, it ought to give up and try the next device in the list - the delay is about 10-20 seconds per device in my experience, longer if PXE (for booting via an image stored on a network server) is selected, not all motherboards support it and it will be quite obvious from messages on the screen if it has been enabled.

Can you put the original CPU back to see if the problem goes away?

  brundle 14:30 02 Feb 2009

Or, before you do that, disconnect even more kit - disconnect the hard drive and optical drives, remove all but one stick of memory - if the POST completes quickly and shows an error message regarding the lack of bootable drives that would be progress...

  crosstrainer 14:41 02 Feb 2009

....To mind here. You have upgraded your CPU and this requires more power (I run a quad core Phenom) Did you upgrade your PSU when you upgraded the cpu?

What is the wattage of your present Power Supply?

What graphics card are you using? It may be that your new Phenom needs a heftier psu to run properly. I run this with an 800Watt, which sounds like overkill, but have 2xG8800GTX card's and it does drink juice, especially in games.

  pcmuppet 06:36 03 Feb 2009

Thanks to Brundle and Crosstrainer for their ideas.

In the end I put the old CPU back in and after an aborted first attempt the PC boots up as per normal.

I have updated the BIOS again and hopefully it will boot ok this am!

In response to crosstrainers question I am using a 750W quad rail PSU.

Still none the wiser as to why the new CPU worked and then didn't!

  crosstrainer 09:29 03 Feb 2009

Plenty of power, and a good quality PSU. Dodgy new CPU perhaps? Or your BIOS is not fully supporting it.

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