Phil930 16:21 26 Sep 2003

When turning on the pc i have two problems:

1) PC will not boot....i have no input signal. the internal speaker makes a beep pause beep pause beep pause. i took out the memory and re-inserted and this makes it work 6 out of 10 times!!

2) if boot is successful the harddrives do not load,it says disk system error, i have to hit the restart button about 10 times and hope it will boot.

once running it works perfectly!

i was wondering could my motherboard be on its lasts legs

its a chaintech 7KJD Motherboard
I have 1Gb pc2100 DDR
AMD XP 2400+
Win XP Pro
Maxtor 40Gb HD
GF4 Ti 4600


  kingkenny 16:28 26 Sep 2003

Could be a faulty memory unit, but maybe others will comment.

When did this start?
Have you carried out any modifications to your PC?
If you have the manual to your Mobo it should help you to decipher the beeps and pinpoint the problem.

  woodchip 17:06 26 Sep 2003

Get some Servisol Switch cleaner and spray all socket's with the wall plug out. After each socket insert the card or what ever in and out a couple of times to clean the contacts of cards and sockets including memory

  woodchip 17:08 26 Sep 2003

PS you can switch on it will not short the contacts when wet

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