pc boot problem windows xp

  bizzieb 10:41 05 Jul 2010

My pc has started having boot problems, It will not always start first time but if i hit the restart button or start button a couple of times it starts and runs fine,i have tried new hard drive/new memory,updated all drivers,checked all connectios,but cannot resolve this issue,i have some workig knowledge of pc's i have built several in the past.can anyone help please

  onthelimit 10:45 05 Jul 2010

When you say 'won't start', a bit more info would help - what does it do? hang, blue screen, error message, nothing etc.

  MAT ALAN 10:56 05 Jul 2010

With no BIOS beeps to suggest any other issue, and as you say when it does startup it runs fine ,i would sumize it is A failing PSU issue

  bizzieb 11:06 05 Jul 2010

There are no error messages no BSOD(blue screen of death)No uncommom beeps just stay on blank screen after initial P O S T/

  MAT ALAN 11:09 05 Jul 2010

I would still sway towards a PSU issue, if it was graphic card related you would get the relative series of beeps to tell you...

  bizzieb 11:18 05 Jul 2010

MAT ALAN.i Will take on board what you suggest as this has been mentioned on the web as a possible cause, maybe a more powerfull PSU would solve this issue as i do have 4 hard drives in my pc, so it does seem likely, as the psu i have is 450w,will try something like a 700w.will let you know ,thanks

  MAT ALAN 11:27 05 Jul 2010

click here

If it is indeed your PSU, i have the 580 version of the one in the link, without doubt one of the best bits of kit i have ever bought.
It is also as silent as you could possibly get...

  bizzieb 11:40 05 Jul 2010

MAT ALAN, how about this one.click here

  MAT ALAN 19:35 05 Jul 2010

click here
Looks like a nice piece of kit, i would try and find somewhere that maybe has a review on the product before committing to buy...

I have seen a couple of reviews and they are mixed so maybe a little more ground work is needed...

  bizzieb 20:20 05 Jul 2010

Thanks guys ,i have managed to sort it out.
i found it had nothing to do with PSU,
It was a pci sata card on my motherboard, it was missing drivers, strange as it was not showing up in device manager,i just removed it and re-instaled it and used the driver disc that was supplied.
thanks anyway guys.

  MAT ALAN 20:25 05 Jul 2010

Nice job bizzieb,thanks for the info...

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