PC blowing 13amp plug fuse!!

  neil.s 18:21 25 Apr 2004

I have just taken delivery of a new PC, spec below, in normal use all is well, when I play Battlefield 1942 or BF Vietnam, after about 10 minutes the fuse in the mains power to the PC blows!
Any ides folks

2GB RAM (400Mhz)
800Mhz FSB Gigabyte M/B with Intel 875P chipset
DVD-RW +/-
XP Pro
200GB HDD (7200rpm)
Leadtek FX5950 Ultra 256 Graphics Card
Sound Blaster Audigy Card
Midi Tower Case
400 watt PSU

  SANTOS7 18:26 25 Apr 2004

Have you tried changeing the power lead and the plug

  neil.s 18:29 25 Apr 2004

SANTOS7, I have on my third on now.

  hoverman 18:33 25 Apr 2004

Faulty Power Supply unit?? If you have just taken delivery then I would report it to your supplier for warranty support.

  Gemma 18:33 25 Apr 2004

Is it just the PC being powered from that wall socket or is there a multiway with lots of stuff plugged in. If it's just the PC then I would advise you to stop using it. You have been lucky so far; it's probably the power supply going short, the next time the plug fuse (which is to protect the house wiring, not the thing attached to it) may not be the only thing that melts. Contact the supplier asap.

If there are other things on a multiway, check those out too.

  neil.s 18:36 25 Apr 2004

I will contact the supplier in the morning, probably keep the thread open and post the outcome.

  SANTOS7 18:38 25 Apr 2004

Posted - 16 Mar 2004 : 22:03:45

A 3amp fuse should be ample for up to 700w??????? If a 5 amp fuse is blowing you better be extremely careful what's happening in your pc!!! a 13 amp fuse is made to withstand 700w to 3000w so this should not be needed for a pc psu??

The problem could be that your psu is not powerful enough but 550w should be more than enough!!!

The only way i can imagine your psu is not poerful enough is if everything is powered from your base unit!! With my pc i have very little powered by my psu (screen and printer are both plugged directly into the mains)

taken from another forum so the issue of useing a 13 amp fuse is worrying enough there is a suggestion that the PSU is either not man enough for the job or is faulty

  SANTOS7 18:40 25 Apr 2004

Haveing just read the other threads i think also your best bet is to contact your supplier, good luck.

  spuds 18:51 25 Apr 2004

Playing computer games will not blow electrical fuses, this is something that requires urgent checking. When you say the fuse in the main power fuses, are you refereing to the 13 amp fuse in the standard 3 pin plug or the mains power from the in-house distribution board.

If it is the standard plug, check [with power off] the wire connections for loose joints, screw etc. If the plug is a sealed unit with a slot for the fuse,then you will need to check this with a test meter.Jiggle the cable about, there could be a breakage somewhere in the length of the cable. If the fuse is in the distribution board, get an electrician in.

Remember: Electricity is the silent killer, so don't try anything if you are not sure.

  Leejg 18:55 25 Apr 2004


What do you have connected? Are you using a multi-gang socket?

If it's your Pc that is faulty then the smaller fuse in that should blow long before the 13a in your multi-gang socket.

  Graham ® 19:26 25 Apr 2004

neil.s may be describing which fuse is blowing, not its rating. A 3A fuse should be ample, as above. The trouble is, many are shipped with a 13A fuse. If it is indeed a 13A fuse that is blowing, don't turn it on until it's been repaired.

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