PC Blackout After Software Installe

  suiren 03:10 28 Jan 2008

Recently purchase Dell Inspiron 530, installed windows XP. System will became blackout if installed most of the software, includes update MSN, IE7 and some others game software.

After start with normal, problem will solved but sometimes have to go to safe mode and restore.

Yesterday installed Bit Defender 2008, the system became hang and not able to remove the software also..

What is the cause of this problem?
In the process to return the PC, but would like to find out the cause..

Pls help. Thank you.

  birdface 09:20 28 Jan 2008

It never came pre-installed with Norton Internet Security did it.

  wee eddie 10:56 28 Jan 2008

Did yours come without Vista or did you try installing XP over Vista?

As mentioned ~ two Anti Virus is a recipe for catastrophes, each treats the other as a potential Virus.

  suiren 04:58 30 Jan 2008

Requested to install XP instead of Vista during purchase.
Do u mean we can't install 2 anti-virus in one PC?

How about the problem where installed or update MSN or even the IE 7, the PC will get black off and sometimes it goes to safe mode.. what is the cause of this problem?

Thanks for all the reply.

  wee eddie 11:33 30 Jan 2008

I am not certain if I understood you correctly, but here goes.

You cannot install Windows XP over Vista, without causing problems.

Having 2 Anti virus Programs installed on a Computer is likely to cause serious problems even if you are only using one of them..

  suiren 07:20 01 Feb 2008

It's a fresh install, not install the windows XP over Vista.

  suiren 09:15 01 Feb 2008

The installation was done in Dell.

  David4637 09:33 01 Feb 2008

USE ACRONIS, will load your OS back up image in 10 Mins. ITS WORTH ITS WAIT IN GOLD. I'll stop shouting now David

  wee eddie 11:26 01 Feb 2008

Try removing all the Software that you have installed yourself, or use the Dell setup to restore to factory settings.

Then add your Security Software and M$ Updates. If all is still working well add one item of the software that you wish to use.

Use this for a couple of days then add another piece of your additional Software.

At some point the problem will start to reoccur. Then you will know which piece of software has caused the problem.

  whippy 22:10 01 Feb 2008

Do not under any circumstance attempt to install two av programs on one machine, they will fight one another like cats inna sack !! Norton is a crisis waiting to turn into a disaster.

  suiren 02:55 04 Feb 2008

Hi All,

Thanks for the reply. I will follow as your recommendation and monitor the status. Had already asked to extend for about 2 weeks..
Basically this problem is on software, right?
It's not matter of which model of PC ya?

My concern here is, if problem is not hardware issue, then I do not have to return the PC.

Thank you.

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