pc behaving erratically due mostly to mouse

  nerawan2 22:56 08 Sep 2015

lately my pc (wind 8) has behaving erratically buy due mostly to my wireless microsoft mouse. It moves but the pc don't OBEY any command i give with the mouse. Doesn't write in the web pages when I open them (opera or mozilla) usually opens only 1 page and even when i tried to shut down the pc , it doesn't do it. have to press the button manually. Any idea what is the cause of the problem?. thanks

  Dragon_Heart 23:12 08 Sep 2015

Have you tried the mouse on another PC or laptop ?

Could be an intermittent fault of a micro switch on the mouse itself !

  nerawan2 23:16 08 Sep 2015

yes. At the moment I'm using it with a laptop and not problem with it.

  lotvic 23:16 08 Sep 2015

Maybe it needs new batteries.

  Dragon_Heart 23:34 08 Sep 2015

Good point lotvic even if it works on laptop a change of battery can't hurt.

Does this mouse have it's own wireless dongle that you plug into a USB socket or does it use the PC's own wireless card / motherboard device ?

You could try checking the mouse driver is up to date or not corrupted.

  nerawan2 23:37 08 Sep 2015

It has its own dongle (usb)

  nerawan2 23:38 08 Sep 2015

I think the problem is with the pc. not the mouse

  lotvic 23:52 08 Sep 2015

Where do you plug the dongle in, front or back of pc? is the mouse in range of the dongle - no obstructions?

  nerawan2 23:57 08 Sep 2015

I have been saying the dongle is not the problem. It works perfectly with the laptop.

  lotvic 00:19 09 Sep 2015

If you believe the problem is with the pc then try a wired mouse or use the keyboard arrows to move round the screen and the Enter/Return key to action/open files.

What way is your pc behaving erratically apart from the wireless mouse?

  lotvic 00:23 09 Sep 2015

Or maybe this: Windows 8.1 – Using your keyboard to control the mouse

click here

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