pc behaving badly. overheating?bsod etc help!!

  dirt 20:04 24 Jun 2008

a while back now i decided not to upgrade my pc anymore. i just don't have the time anymore to diagnose issues etc. however, i did decide to have one last treat, a new graphics card, this was so all the games i had would look great. got the new card tried it a little thought it was great. the top end games were a little quirky but i'm pretty sure that is just down to my older cpu bottle knecking. don't mind though cus it's only a couple of games, one being cod4.
i haven't touched the pc for ages cus life got in the way but recently used the pc to play the games instead of using the pc for a night light for the new baby. i had some issues. in cod4 i played online and the pc restarted alot. i thought about overheating so used rivatuna and speedfan to xheck the temps. all is fine including cpu, hdd etc. gpu at 71 max which should be fine. the other day more things happened. i altered the windows settings so the pc would give me an error message.
i got a bsod: 0x000000f4 (0x00000003 0xfa7c8360 0xfa7c8404 0xe0ca973e). i have also had restarts in the middle of the night when pc is idle. on restart i have had reboot and select proper boot device. i sometimes have to start the machine using the reset button but it doesn't boot up, i have to press reset then quickly press power button to turn it off wait a few seconds turn it back on then it boots fine. i have looked into these problems and results are overheating,hdd is on it's way out, ram issue, cpu issue, psu or virus. here are the steps i've taken. chkdsk/r (fine), memtest (fine), virus scan (trend micro online, panda online, avira and avg free, all fine) seagate seatools all fine, checked cables fine, recovery console to repair windows: no hdd access c: was a ? instead. i will do anything you think to figure this out. i think hdd is buggered.
but it is sometimes ok. i have gigabyte geforce 8800gt with ZALMAN fan, 160gb maxtor 6v160e0 hdd, 2gb ram, amd athlon 64 3700+, asrock 939s56-m mobo.
please help as i want this pc to last as long as possible and if a particular componant is shot then that's it for me so please help.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:53 24 Jun 2008

There is not much available on this particular STOP error except to suggest it is related to the IDE configuration -- that is the cabling or the controller on the ide channel to which the drive is connected.

As a cheap quickie I would fit a new IDE cable and retry the machine.

  dirt 21:04 24 Jun 2008

thanks for the reply.
i should have said that this is a sata hdd.
does that make a difference to your suggestion.
change that cable instead? i use a local repair shop sometimes when it's something i can't do myself but when i take it there i'll end up asking them to sort it out, costing dosh i ain't got etc. plus i don't have the time at the mo cus of a family bereavment. thanks for the thought but for now i need things i can do personally to keep my head busy. if they don't work then i'll have to start buying little things at first to trouble shoot like the cable etc.
have i missed anything. should i double check anything using freeware diagnostics or anything.
all you can do to keep me busy would be great.
if we can solve the problem that would be outstanding.
thanks again for the reply


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:08 24 Jun 2008

restarts usually due to wake on lan or wake on ring enabled in the BIOS.

Bad starts or starts after a few attempts is usually PSU dying.

  dirt 22:26 24 Jun 2008

ok my knowledge is not that good bat.....
thanks for the reply but could you elaborate a little please


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:36 24 Jun 2008

click here wol

just enter the BIOS and under advance settings check that wol and woR are disabled.

  dirt 23:44 24 Jun 2008

ok bat cheers
i went into the bios settings and under advanced there are about 7 headings.
i went through each one at a time and none of them mention wol or wor (i looked for things this may have stood for too just incase it's just me being thick) but there is no sign of either.
first having looked through your link bat remotley doing something, doesn't that mean using a pc through a network connection or something similar from another node?
i'm not sure how this relates to me.
also after going into the bios and f10...ing windows went into checkdisk status: checking file system on c: the type of file sytem is ntfs, one of your disks needs to be checked for consistancy.
there were other things to be written down but by the time i found a pen and got that down windows began to load. i might also add that when the windows icon comes on screen with the trademark stuff bottom left and the nightrider style bar in the centre it took ages to load up.
even when windows loaded it still seemed a long time before the pc was comfortable enough to press the mouse or do something.


  brundle 23:57 24 Jun 2008

Are you sure your PSU is supplying enough power for the new card? 400W and 24A on the 12v rail(s)

  dirt 12:26 25 Jun 2008

yeah i think so.
i'd love to point the finger at it cus that would make life easier but it's a 550 watt psu and the the sticker on the side says it supplies 30 amps on the +12v rail.

  brundle 18:09 25 Jun 2008

If you still have the older card to refit, do so and see how the PC behaves over a week or so.

  dirt 21:45 25 Jun 2008

i got rid of the old card a while back so sadly that's not an option. i did have a few possible overheating problems when i first got the new card so i went to my local shop and got the new 550w psu.i think i've ruled out viruses and the memory is fine. so it could be cpu, hdd, gpu or even the motherboard i suppose.
i need to make sure of the cause though.
the pc is very sluggish doing most things right now. i took the side off the case to test the game but that made no difference. i got the game to run in a window too and it didn't crash then even though the window filled 3 quarters of the screen. the temps were fine but i did switch to full screen and it crashed. i could test for longer but i need to know if i have an overheating problem or something like that and a buggered hdd. or is something breaking and those are also the cause of thye game crashing.

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