pc beep

  KPC 00:18 07 Jul 2008

anybody know what this is?
Just turned this down with the slider in the speaker settings and the interference i was having has dissapeared.

  €dstowe 07:42 07 Jul 2008

A bit more information, please.

  KPC 08:38 07 Jul 2008

i installed a asus m3a motherboard yesterday and everything works brill. the only problem i had was an annoying crackle coming from the satelite speakers, and everytime you moved the mouse it made a noise. even the clock ticking on the desktop. so went into the speaker settings, found a slider that said pc beep and turned it right down and the crackle dissapears with no loss of volume to music being played. so i just wondered whay is pc beep and what is the slider controlling. if i dont respond to any messages after 9.30 i will later on, work calls. i would like to know the answer, i googled it, but nothing.

  Fingees 09:37 07 Jul 2008

I remember this on a computer many moons ago.

Never found out what caused it, but it suddenly went away.

  tullie 10:27 07 Jul 2008

The clock shouldent tick,its digital.

  DieSse 10:43 07 Jul 2008

"pc beeps" would normally be the small speaker in the case - or more often these days a "sounder" on the motherboard.

If it's volume control is set too high, then I suppose it could pick up extraneous interference, which will be shown as noise.

Inside a PC is a very noisy (in the electrical sense) environment, plenty of stray signals floating about to be picked up.

  DieSse 10:44 07 Jul 2008

Perhaps this motherboard outputs the normal sounder noises through the external speakers (saves them even the cost of a sounder). That would explain why it's got it's own volume control.

  KPC 19:02 08 Jul 2008

ok, thanks anyway for the responce from everybody.

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