PC Angel Lite Edition - any experiences?

  Batch 18:44 21 Apr 2007

Due to an inability to boot, Evesham instructed my brother to reset his PC using the installed PC Angel Lite Edition.

Overall this seems to have recovered from a potential disaster without too much hassle. E.g. no (apparent) loss of data and apps that he installed still there. There have been one or two issues though (e.g. reinstated BullGuard when AVG was one of the apps that my brother had installed, so two AVs running), had to redownlaod all Windows Updates.

I haven't had a chance to check the system over yet, but I was wondering if any others had experience of using PC Angel LE and could comment.


  iqs 20:22 21 Apr 2007

used Pc Angel my self.I phoned Eveshams tech dept this morning,they used Pc Angel and the recovery disc to check for corrupt files in the OS.

From what he said ,they use this software to correct most software related issues.

Read somewhere that Pc Angel takes a snap shot image of the Registry on start up.

Still not sure if my problem has been addressed with it's use.Time will tell.

If Evesham pre-install the software,it must be a reliable diagnostic tool.

I hope this was of help?.

  moorie- 20:29 21 Apr 2007

ive used pc angel on my laptop,it was pre installed recovery partition.
I used it to take it back to factory settings

i think this is basically what it does,the pc i presume came with bullguard installed and the windows updates at the point it left the factory.
Hence 2 avs and having to update windows.

Nothing to worry about

  Totally-braindead 20:31 21 Apr 2007

I hope you deleted one of the AV programs.

  Batch 11:16 22 Apr 2007

Thanks. I'd already downloaded the User manual and OEM Datasheet for PC Angel, so could see what it does (or is supposed to do). I was just interested in the actual experience of others, especially as I couldn't find any other relevant postings on the forum - so I wasn't too sure how widely used it is (PC Angel claim that something like 65% of PCs shipped in the US have PC Angel pre-installed).

As far as I can tell, the Evesham install is just based on a snapshot as delivered (i.e. it doesn't take a snapshot of the registry each time one boots). Having said that, it is intriguing as to how it manages to end up with a seemingly complete registry including for apps installed since delivery and those pre-installed items (e.g. BullGuard) that have been uninstalled since delivery.

  I am Spartacus 12:13 22 Apr 2007

Could you give a link to the manual please.

  Batch 14:09 22 Apr 2007

This is the "main" user manual:
click here

This is the manual for creating recovery CDs/DVDs (but I think this option may not be installed on all systems):
click here

And lastly, 2 different versions of the system builders' datasheet:
click here
click here

  I am Spartacus 14:21 22 Apr 2007

Thank you for the links. I have this installed on my PC but it doesn't work and I've been trying to track down some information on how it works.

  Batch 14:31 22 Apr 2007

To be quite honest, rather than use PC Angel, if I were installing something to help me recover from such major disasters, I would go for Acronis True Image every time. See click here

  Batch 09:01 23 Apr 2007

Oops! Mis-read your post as implying you had installed pC Angel yourself.

  FatboySlim71 10:29 23 Apr 2007

To be honest, i would recommend buying Acronis True Image 10, this is arguably the best backup program money can buy. I bought mine off Amazon for around £25, I have to say that it is the best £25 I have spent, Acronis has helped me out a couple of times. In the worst case scenario of your pc/laptop not booting at all, you can with Acronis, restore your pc/laptop to a earlier backed up state in around an hour. I think that every new pc should have Acronis supplied as standard, thats how highly I view it.

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