PC Advsior Top 10's - Why no Dell ?

  BigJohnM 11:36 18 Feb 2004

I am new to the game of having my own PC - am currently looking to buy my first set up and read the recent issue's Top 10 Power / Budget reviews.

I was surprised to see no "Big Brands" in there such as Dell as these guys seem to be doing some really good deals comparatively at the moment - is there any reason for this ?

  OneSirKnight 11:51 18 Feb 2004

You can get much better deals from other than the big name manufacturers,with exactly the same specs,with considerable savings,
Good luck.

  byfordr 11:52 18 Feb 2004

The charts are based on reviews, I remember seeing too many Dells reviewed recently

  Taran 11:56 18 Feb 2004

It's up to a manufacturer to submit a system for review by a magazine. No system submitted means that it cannot be evaluated and so no judgement may be made, hence you don't find some names in a magazine top 10 chart.

On paper there are lots of exceptional deals to be had from most PC vendors, especially in this day and age of very low profit margins on computers, but systems perform with some wild differences at times hence the need for a comparative review from different suppliers.

I know a lot of happy Dell owners and also some people who would not touch them with the proverbial barge pole. It all boils down to the personal experience of ordering, reliability during ownership and aftersales backup in the event of a problem and this holds true for all suppliers. Most companies get it right most of the time but the horror stories are inevitably what you hear about.

Anyway, back to the point in hand, if Dell had submitted a review system no doubt it would have been listed after evaluation with its couterpart competitors systems.


  OneSirKnight 12:00 18 Feb 2004
  sigbell 12:04 18 Feb 2004

ive installed a game called project igi my pc has the right requirements..but i cant play it all i get is a direct x error message..cant create surface..dderr invalidparams...its doing my head in i had it playing once but dont know what i done and i cant do it again..

  BigJohnM 12:05 18 Feb 2004

Thankss for the prompt responses - the 2 manufacturers names that seem to crop up are nethightstreet and Mesh - Do the smaller companies tend to have the same build quality as the OEMs and should I be expecting the same reliability ?

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