PC Advisor Website displaying text corruption

  Doomster1961 17:13 20 Feb 2009

All of the info at the upper right hand corner of the webpage on PC Advisor (after logging in) is bunched together. My native LCD screen resolution is 1920x1200 and that is what I use at all times. PC Advisor's web designing/programmer needs to update the screen requirements to allow this resolution. This is not yesterday's technology. I'm using a 26 inch Acer x263w PC monitor (Not TV) and this shouldn't happen.

  Kemistri 22:55 20 Feb 2009

Congratulations on your 26" screen.

However, you might want to direct your complaint to PCA itself rather than the members of its forum. If you do that, remember to include your browser type and version number and operating system so that PCA's development folk can find out whether it's a browser bug.

Oh, and you might want to reduce your browser window a bit because a viewport of 1920 is just wasting all that real estate and take it from me that no-one builds websites for that screen res anyway - can you imagine the number of columns that it would need to remain easily readable?

  Forum Editor 00:15 21 Feb 2009

has already said most of what I might have said in response.

Learn to use the zoom level on your browser window and life will seem better.

  Doomster1961 10:15 21 Feb 2009

Not resolved and I don't have a problem viewing any website. My browser has the capability to enlarge the font and picture sizes automatically so viewing this page is more readable than a newspaper. You have to remember that I am only two feet away from my monitor so I shouldn't have to zoom into anything. If you are two feet in front of something do you have to look closer at it?
HD web surfing at its best and yes, someday all monitors will be wide screen and web designers will have to take advantage of this screen real estate. Just think, more information to view.
Maybe someone could explain how I can contact technical support for this problem. It sounds like this is an isolated problem and only relates to me.
Anyhow, everyone have a great day. Thanks.

  Kemistri 11:56 21 Feb 2009

"...web designers will have to take advantage of this screen real estate."

Except that we won't, because we all understand about page widths and usability. And usability precludes designing very wide content areas for two reasons:

Firstly, we have to cater for narrower and smaller screens into perpetuity because no matter how big desktop monitors become, a very great number of people access the net from notebooks, UMPCs, tablets, and even smart-phones. The second reason is readability, which I already mentioned briefly yesterday. Experts have carried out studies of how people's eyes move over web pages and how they read the text blocks and other objects: the information from those studies filters into design convention.

Refusing to reduce viewport size to a more conventional width and expecting everyone else - web users and developers alike - to conform to a minority usage pattern is selfish really. Most widescreen users do not view windows in full screen, but tile them - that's the point of having the extra space.

If you want to contact PCA directly to report the display issue, there's a mailto link at the very bottom of this page, on the last line.

  Forum Editor 16:56 21 Feb 2009

You have, and I'm telling you what Kemistri told you on Friday, and again today - the number of people using 26" monitors is miniscule, and our site has to be designed to be user-friendly to the vast majority.

Yours is the very first complaint we've ever seen, and accommodating as we are, we're not about to make technical changes for one person out of hundreds of thousands.

  HighTower 22:40 26 Feb 2009

1920 x 1200 looks fine on my monitor, in Firefox, Safari, IE7 and Opera.

Can you take a screenshot and show us how it looks on your monitor? The only way I can replicate your problem is to increase the text size using the browser controls. Is this what you have done?

  Forum Editor 23:53 26 Feb 2009

to test the site at the same resolution on a screen the same size as yours, and like HighTower, I can only replicate the problem you report by increasing the text size in my browser - IE8 beta, Firefox, or Google Chrome.

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