PC Advisor tip-is this good advice?

  squareye 14:04 24 Apr 2003

PC Advisor TIPS&TRICKS, spring issue, page 17, performance tip-turn off system recovery to improve performance and save space.I agree it will save space,but why not just reduce the space allocated to hold one or two restore points,make one when you are sure everything is ok,ie check device manager,have a clean up,run the disc check,whatever you like to do to be sure the system is good.IF you are that short of space,you have a lot of stuff,all the more reason to be able to restore it,if you have loads of room, its got to be worth keeping. It has saved my bacon several times,or my kazaa etc loving teenage sons to be precise.Am I wrong?

  MartinT-B 14:08 24 Apr 2003

No you're not wrong.

However, NO-ONE but me touches my PC, so I turned it off.

  Lead 14:25 24 Apr 2003

I think all these performance increasing tips can be overkill. I challenge you to tell the difference in everyday use of a PC between one with restore on and one with it off. (I certainly can't.) I will go as far to say that even if you benchmarked it, the results would be no more different than the difference you normally see repeating benchmarks. And any performance gain is outweighed by being able to restore your PC to a working condition.

  Biggles no more 15:19 24 Apr 2003

I find these tips to be confusing. How can anyone run out of space with these 40/80Gb drives these days?

More to the point, surely most of the problems are caused by visiting dubious sites, usually specialising in illegal music downloads and the like.

Of course, you could avoid most problems by using an old PC for the net and keeping the "good" one internet free.

  MartinT-B 15:44 24 Apr 2003

I have a newly self-built PC - 3 weeks old.

I have 1 80GB drive. After ripping about 15% of my CD collection to my PC I have less than 60GB left.

The intention is to use my PC as my Home entertainment system.

I have just installed a(n) Hauppage Nova-T TV card as it has the Freeview software. I am now able to record to my HDD when I'm out and am relegating the Video to emergency use. The Video collection is being replaced with DVDs, and 90% of the TV recordings I make I watch once and never again, so I re-use the tapes. Progams I want to keep I'll burn to DVD when I buy a DVD writer.

All of this means I need another HDD and will probably get at least 120GB maybe 200.

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