PC Advisor Survey

  Smiler 18:47 12 Aug 2005

I just filled in the online survey thinking I would be helping PC Advisor.
About 35% of the questions related to PCA the rest were personal and in some instances where you may not want to enter a reply (such as household income)there were no alternatives.
It even asked about employment(in my case I'm retired) but then followed this with questions about my company and it's IT. Again with no chance to say that the question was irrelevant. An example being how many people are employed at your current location. Figures ranging from 1 upwards but again no alternative. In my case no-one is employed so I put 50000+.
I feel this is not a PCA questionare but a way of finding out your details so that the company can probably sell them on to other firms to bomard you with e-mails and junk mail.

  ACOLYTE 18:58 12 Aug 2005

I dont know to what survey you refer but i think if it was a PCA survey it would be posted in this or other forums on the PCA site not put out to tender so to speak.

  woodchip 19:05 12 Aug 2005

I got it, but was not asked personal, like Income. I think that depends on the Age you put in. As to questions that follow, depend on how you answer the first time.

  Hamish 19:07 12 Aug 2005

An email received today re the above mentioned survey. I looked at it but decided against taking part as I do not really see why they need my address, etc,

  dan11 19:07 12 Aug 2005

They usually arrive via e-mail. Well they do for me. I have done 4 or 5 over the years.


Do you agree the survey is helpful [X]

Do you agree the survey is un-helpful [ ]

Are you retired and employ 50,000 [ ]

Are you retired and employ less than 50,000 [X]

Have you won anything for these surveys [ ]

Have you not won anything for these surveys [X]


  ACOLYTE 19:11 12 Aug 2005

Ok, my apologies to PCA and to smiler,but maybe the survey needs more alternatives as smiler says if you are retired there is nothing else to put but whats there,that is unless you can skip questions.

  ACOLYTE 19:14 12 Aug 2005

PCA already has your address if you subscribe to the mag and forum.

  Hamish 19:22 12 Aug 2005

Of course they do so why require it again. The email address should be enough.

  Dorsai 19:32 12 Aug 2005

if you don't want people to know that an un-named retired person has an unknown income, don't take part in the survay. A survay is normally designed to get your details, so that the info can be sold on.

This then pays for the prize, and generates a profit.

Those that purcase the results use them to decide if it's worth them sending snail-mail spam to the survay filler-in.

I take part, if I would like to win the prize. I know I will get some Bumf as a result...

C'est La Vie.

  bosmere 21:06 12 Aug 2005

Smiler I've just completed that survey and was perplexed like you, so I clicked 'back' to the employment status page and clicked 'unemployed' and then no longer had those questions.

I agree there is no 'retired' choice (apart from 'retired but consulting'.

  watchful 22:43 12 Aug 2005

I did it directly from this site, not e-mail, and was also perplexed that after filling in 'retired' I was presented with lists of questions about 'your company' and there were no alternatives so I filled them in as if I were still employed. Rather defeating the whole object.

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