pc advisor site painfully slow

  grabster 14:10 22 Feb 2003

Recently this site has slowed down to a crawl,I'm on ntl's 600k service and everything else loads quick enough except for this site.
I know its a popular site but nobody else appears to mention its lack of speed.
Any tips on how to speed things up apart from the usual clearing caches etc.

  spuds 14:38 22 Feb 2003

No problems here and I am using 56k.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:50 22 Feb 2003

Firing on all six here-Tiscali 56k :-))))


  grabster 14:53 22 Feb 2003

wonder what it is, everything used to be A1,
I'm no expert but i like to think of my self as semi-computer literate at least.
Can't figure this one out though.

  -pops- 14:59 22 Feb 2003

I've got used to it. Starts off in the morning at the speed of light by 6pm it's so slow I can go and make a cup of tea in the time it takes to load a page and, as you say, it's only this site.

I usually shut it down mid afternoon as I'm not prepared to wait that long for nothing to happen.

I'm on BT broadband.


  colberly 15:18 22 Feb 2003

Everything fine.

  rawprawn 15:59 22 Feb 2003

I am on 56K modem, & it's OK just now but it does sometimes vary. I put it down to either the number of connections running on the site, or how busy the ISP is.

  Terrahawk 16:02 22 Feb 2003

bt broadband no probs

  Pesala 16:27 22 Feb 2003

Painfully slow at peak times, which seem to be around 7:00 pm and sometimes during the afternoon. Try the PC Plus Forum for a change. PCW forum is also painfully slow, but not very busy.

  jediknight007 16:31 22 Feb 2003

Been on and off this site since 9:00am this morning on BT Openworld which is connecting at either 44Kbps or 45.2Kbps and takes no longer than 10 seconds to load each page even after clearing out my Temporary Files (which I do like everyday when I'm bored!)

  lemon2 16:32 22 Feb 2003

Pipex Xtreme - fast as usual

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