PC Advisor site on go slow?

  HondaMan 13:03 27 Apr 2009

I usually run Opera (latest version) as my web browser, but for some days now the screen has refused to redraw correctly and the site is **VERY VERY** slooooow.

Anybody else experienced this?

Other sites load and display correctly in Opera and other browsers, but not this one.

  The Kestrel 13:31 27 Apr 2009

The PCA site is running normally for me with both IE7 & Firefox today.

  woodchip 13:38 27 Apr 2009

OK hear running Flock Browser on a XP Laptop< Turn Java and jaqva script off on mine while on this site it speeds it up

  Graphicool1 14:17 27 Apr 2009

WinXP SP3 IE7 No problems

  Andsome 15:26 27 Apr 2009

No problems on IE 8

  HondaMan 12:11 28 Apr 2009

For some reason if javascript is ENABLED this problem appears. If javascript is DISABLED - no problems. PCA programmers please note!

  Graphicool1 12:37 28 Apr 2009

Unless you're referring to some settings somewhere different? My settings are as follows...
IE Properties - 'Security'
Scripting of Java applets (enabled)
IE Properties - 'Advanced'
JAVA (sun)
Use JRE 1.6.0_13 for <applets> (enabled)

No Problem

  skeletal 15:29 28 Apr 2009

Ah! Someone else has this problem with Opera! It is not just me then!

I have been having increasing problems with Opera, my favourite browser, including sites “hanging”. It is happening on many sites for me and often the hang will appear in the middle of me setting up credit card details when purchasing something. The PCA issue is an easy example to see and I can duplicate the problem on two separate computers; as HondaMan says it is “solved” by turning off JavaScript in Opera’s settings. Unfortunately, if a site requires JavaScript to be enabled (PCA doesn’t), you are stuck!

For me, PCA is fine with IE6, IE7, Firefox and Safari.

I have posted this on the Opera forums and can only describe my reception there as very unfriendly. I have had two threads locked, and a post to a third removed. And some private emails ripping into me. I don’t think I will be going back! Just potter here in the friendly PCA site!!

One interesting thing one person said that they can get on to PCA perfectly OK with, and without, JS enabled.

I am now trying Safari.


  Vixenight 17:24 28 Apr 2009

Skeletal You are not alone with your Opera problems and pc advisor site I have had this problem for three days Have seen your post on Opera Forum and was surprised it was locked I could not see why I connect OK with Internet Ex and Firefox Have done all checks including re download of Java latest All checks show my Computer is clear of all nasties Are you any nearer solving this problem Cheers Vixenight

  bretsky 17:44 28 Apr 2009

Using latest version of Opera, no problem here on this site, never use any other browser and is set on its default settings, banking, credit card transactions, opening pdf docs, listen to the radio-BBC1/2/4 live & listen again, never a problem, have used Opera for some time now very happy with it.

Windows XP
Sun Java Runtime Environment version 1.6
Plug-in not loaded

bretsky ;0)

  skeletal 17:51 28 Apr 2009

Vixenight: No, I can’t see a fix (other than disabling JavaScript). If you’ve seen my posts on the Opera site, you can probably understand my disappointment at my reception over there! However, one friendly person did private email me to tell me that the moderation is very harsh.

I have tried completely un-installing Opera including removing all the files (e.g. including one of the .ini files which, some say can cause Opera problems). Upon a completely new install of the latest version, and not touching ANY settings at all, I tried the PCA site with the usual result. Disabling JavaScript made it work again.

In the depths of the Opera site is a blog where someone is going on about how many sites look for the Opera identifier, and if they see someone is using Opera, the site changes its behaviour which stops Opera from working. One way round is thus to “pretend” Opera is another browser and apparently you can do this, but I don’t know how.

This is probably, in part, why they are so sensitive about saying “Opera won’t work with JavaScript”. They have probably made it work “properly” but then some web site designer makes it so it won’t work on his site.

I can’t imagine the nice guys at PCA deliberately trying to wreck a browser! But whether they have recently made a change accidentally can only be answered by them. Hopefully they may spot this thread and pass comments.

Of course, and the point I was trying to make in the Opera forum, is that, for me, this is affecting MANY sites, so even if it is the fault of the PCA site designer, and it is cured, what do I do for all the other sites!

This is why I am currently trying Safari.


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