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  bengo 20:27 14 Jul 2003

Can anyone please explain why, when I am using the helproom and press the BACK button after reading a thread, instead of going back to the list of questions, I get the following. This has been happening for some time now, Thanks in anticipation. I am using WIN98SE and IE 5.5

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  User-312386 20:47 14 Jul 2003

delete all your temporary internet files and all your cookies

thats should do the trick


  spikeychris 20:48 14 Jul 2003

Aspirin should cure it.

  jazzypop 21:23 14 Jul 2003

Don't left-click on a thread. Right-click it and choose 'Open in new window'. When you have read the thread, close that window, and the original list of threads is still available.

Once you have read all the current threads that interest you, press Refresh on the main list of threads, and the list will be updated.

I know it doesn't answer your question diectly, but it is a better way to use the forum.

  Aol Hater 21:27 14 Jul 2003

or use opera instead of ie

  Webmaster 23:24 14 Jul 2003

PC Advisor's site is now getting on my nerves. It isn't pleasant to have an annoying advert popping up and blaring out incredibly loud noise through your brand new speakers whilst you are experimenting with them! Unfortunately I had the volume turned up to hear how good the sound performance is and then an irritating advert, screaching out loud noise and booming away, trying to drop a cookie, popped up before my eyes!

I'm not usually one to moan, but this is down right rude and offensive; and I feel one is allowed to switch onto auto rant every so often!

  Andsome 08:55 15 Jul 2003


We had a similar discussion some time ago. The website had a particularly annoying pop up advert that also played extremely irritating so called music. At that time I think most of the contributors to the site made it quite clear that we have to have adverts showing to pay for the site, but that irritating noise etc just does nothing at all for the advertisers profits, as it just puts people off. I now use XP home with IE 6, and I don't honestly know what the difference is, but I now never see any pop ups or hear any irritating so called music on adverts at all. Maybe someone else can enlighten you. Meantime, why not try sending an e-mail to advertisers who cause you offence and let them know how you feel, and that their irritating advert will not encourage you to buy their products, but will instead put you off for life.

  Webmaster 12:36 15 Jul 2003

Ya. I agree. I guessed this might have come up before, Andsome, but the last time I was free to help people on this site was many months ago and now I'm back during the summer to help all those in trouble. ;-) It is not my aim to stir things up on this message board but since the post was about PC Advisor I wondered what peoples' thoughts on the subject are.

You tell me that this has alredy been discussed therefore there is no point in it going any further then! And since I am a Webmaster of many websites, I understand that advertising is required for funding for certain developments. But, as you say, intrusive advertisng get the company nowhere and it gives not only their company a bad image, but unfortunately PC Advisor one too.

Thank you for informing me about this.

  MichelleC 12:44 15 Jul 2003

There's either someone sawing now or it's a dog barking... irriation value ***

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