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  jz 23:23 17 Jun 2004

I often think how nice it would be in these polls (eg the current one: I'm interested in moving over to VoIP at home) to have an additional reply option along the lines of "No, I'm simply not interested in having it".

I'm not trying to cause offence to anyone, but I'm sure there must be others like me who aren't interested in having every new bit of technology. So... to whoever puts these polls together, how about having this sort of option for every poll where it's relevant?

  stalion 23:27 17 Jun 2004

so what is voip?

  woodchip 23:27 17 Jun 2004

You simply do not post to it. Like me if say like the last one about P2P and downloading music

  Daz35 23:27 17 Jun 2004

Surely if the poll isn't relevant, then you wouldn't bother to answer or take part in it!??

  User-312386 23:28 17 Jun 2004

Do you not think that one of the answers "What's VoIP?" is good enough then?

You have a valid point, but then they might as well put in Answers such as yes i am but could you explain it a little more


No i dont even want to talk about it


Yes i am but how much is it


No i am not and lets not have any more polls



Get the gist

No offence, but where do you stop

Its only a poll

  Daz35 23:28 17 Jun 2004


  stalion 23:31 17 Jun 2004

how can you vote anyway if you don't know what your voting on

  2neat 23:31 17 Jun 2004


The "voice over" describes what is involved, and "IP" refers to the Internet Protocol - the technical standard for how data moves across the net. click here

  VoG II 23:33 17 Jun 2004

... are normally flawed.

As I have said time and time again, they need to bring in a professional polster.

However, to get the result that you want ...

  User-312386 23:34 17 Jun 2004

it does have in the poll "What's VoIP?"

I think that is pretty clear, dont you?

  stalion 23:35 17 Jun 2004

thanks for that,been talking and seeing other person in video for ages so nothing new then

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