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  Andsome 09:00 19 Jan 2005

There is a poll running which asks where we got the SP2 download from. One notable possibility has NOT been included in this poll. I got my download from a link on another forum. How many others did this? It was not a link to the MS download by the way, it was available a couple of days before MS made it available to corporate users. The website in question is VERY well known and fully trustworthy.

  ventanas 10:39 19 Jan 2005

Probably because Microsoft made it very clear on their web site at the time that downloads from anywhere else except their own site were not legal, regardless of where else it came from. There was a thread about it on here at the time it was released. It was advised to be very careful where SP2 was obtained from.

  Djohn 12:02 19 Jan 2005

ventanas is spot on, when SP2 first came available the only legal site to download from was their own.

  Tycho 12:50 19 Jan 2005

Another posibility not catered for is that I am not using XP. I am sticking with W2K for the time being.


  Smegs 14:02 19 Jan 2005

And what are the benefits of this Poll??

  Stuartli 17:04 19 Jan 2005

My recollection of the launch of SP2 was that Microsoft used every avenue it could to distribute the upgrade.

Apart from its website update facility, it also sent out thousands of free SP2 CD-ROMs with the plea to give it to a friend/friends after use, as well as temporarily revoking its comparatively recent policy of not allowing its products to be issued on magazine cover disks.

As a result more people got SP2 in their hands (and on their systems) that Micrsoft could probably have ever envisaged.

  Andsome 08:18 20 Jan 2005

I can assure you that the website where I got my download from is perfectly reputable, and the program is running perfectly. We were told at the time that they had a copy for distribution to members of the forum, but that this fact should not be broadcast as they did not want to be swamped. I downloaded to a CD, and not only is my download on my computer, I have installed it on several others. Several members of this forum are also members of the forum concerned, and if they read this, may confirm what I say.

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