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  daba 22:49 13 Apr 2004

I've just been looking at the results of recent PCA polls (That thingy on the top right, opposite the search pane), and it makes very interesting reading.

It seems that the majority of people in this forum, (in terms of votes cast), elected to have their say on what should be officially recognised as "BroadBand" speed in this country - 2437 votes.

Coming in at a close second place, is how much people would spend on their next PC - 2392 votes.

In third place, with 2146 votes, forum users wanted us all to know where their PC is located in their house.

Moving down to the bottom of the list, we have, in fourth to last place, what software people want on their PCA cover disks - 733 votes.

That only just beat the vote on what people want in the PCA magazine - 726 votes.

Just missing out on the 'wooden spoon', with just 622 votes, is what O/S people were using.

Finally, and sadly, with only 232 votes, it seems no-one is interested in dating, presumably we're all too busy trying to get our PCs, not our love-lives, working harder !

You may notice I have discounted the result on whether you have been the victim of online CC fraud. At just 88 votes, it seems we're all too busy mending our PCs to even consider the idea of spending money !!

Baffling !!

  VoG II 22:52 13 Apr 2004

Sorry, too much to take in. Could you do that on a pie chart please?

  Forum Editor 22:59 13 Apr 2004

does vary considerably, and to a degree it reflects the forum members' insterest in the particular subject. Bear in mind however, that some polls are left running far longer than others.

  daba 23:02 13 Apr 2004


should've expected that....from you

anyway - i prefer do-nuts !!

  daba 23:05 13 Apr 2004

sorry, cross-threaded, rofl was to VoG, not FE.

i don't take the results seriously FE, I admit to not voting on most of them myself.

  VoG II 23:12 13 Apr 2004

Well, against my better instincts I opened the file. Wot, no donut?

This may or not work (I'm useless with 'puters) click here

  VoG II 23:16 13 Apr 2004

Thought so..

  daba 23:18 13 Apr 2004

Them's my lucky numbers, wow, you must be a phsychic.

Anyway, I'm sure you've seen an excel donut or two in your time, i won't bother to re-send.

Could be 'cos I'm on 'eggshell '97'

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