PC Advisor needs your assistance

  wee eddie 21:07 15 May 2013

Our Advertising Sales Force have been tearing their hair out to think of parts of the Site that we are not already using for Advertising.

We are offering 10 Ordinary Shares in IDG to any Reader who is able to point out a corner of the Site that we have forgotten.

  bumpkin 22:17 15 May 2013

wee eddie, not seen any ads in the OPs yet perhaps that should be the next route to follow.

  Woolwell 22:37 15 May 2013

The skip advert does not work properly on the iPad. I get it every time and it doesn't skip but freezes and the site has to be reopened.

  mole1944 05:59 16 May 2013

Watch out Wee Eddy FE will soon be on your case,quick hide. I love your post though, ooops i'm in for it as well

  morddwyd 09:24 16 May 2013

Yet more ads paranoia!

We do seem to bang on about them a bit.

They don't bother me overmuch generally, though the odd ones can be intrusive.

Just as I am willing to accept the subsidy paid by advertisers to keep the magazine affordable, so I am willing to accept their subsidy which keeps the site free.

Now if you wanted to do something about the snowstorm of leaflets that fall around your feet every time you pick up a magazine in a newsagent, I would be with you!

  mole1944 10:21 16 May 2013

morddwyd do as I do from time to time collect them put them in a envelope and post them to one of the leaflet senders and post it without a stamp, evel I know and unfair but needs must

  Chronos the 2nd 10:30 16 May 2013

so I am willing to accept their subsidy which keeps the site free.

Why does this ridiculous statement appear time and time again as I cannot remember visiting a website that I had to pay for. Yet very few require you do install ad blockers to make viewing tolerable.

As for viewing PCA on my iphone I gave up on that one ages ago, even the mobile site is rubbish. Yet other forums load the normal desktop site perfectly. Bit-Tech being my favourite.

Of course the site needs ads to help it survive but do there have to be so many? You would think that with the amount of ads this site would be one of the best on the web, but the technical problems that occur on a regular basis seem to indicate that very little money is spent on the upkeep of the forums. Are we not due for the yearly maintenance when all hell breaks loose for a few weeks?

  daxian 10:52 16 May 2013

ads ??? what ads ? if it bothers you that much, get an ad blocker ...like i did !

  Zeppelyn 11:18 16 May 2013

Most advertising, be it tv, magazines, newspapers etc can be easily ignored if one so wishes but on the net it is totally invasive and intrusive. Thats the reason I block them.

  wee eddie 11:42 16 May 2013

I have few problems with the Adverts - They do make this the site the slowest to become usable, of all the Internet sites I visit, but I accept that they contribute to the profitability of IDG.

I had hoped that, when my Connection was increased from 2Mbps to 9.5Mbps, I would not spend a considerable portion of time twiddling my thumbs before I could view more than the first 3 threads or even to post a reply.

I use IE10, but have yet to find an Ad Blocker that I can trust and is free, but strongly feel that the wizards that create these Ads should be able to create Ads that download quickly on a bog standard line or onto a Tablet. They appear to have little respect for the Consumer and may, in my opinion, harm rather than benefit the product that they promote.

Just to cleanse my conscience: ~ The Thread was intended to be satirical, no more than that.

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