skell 11:10 05 Feb 2006


I feel bit troubled because yesterday i received an email (automated) from PC Advisor lettting me know i've received a response to one of my postings. However, the srange thing is it was for the date 24th Jan. I clicked the link as normal but when i tried to log in it wouldnt recognise my password or email address.
Shortly after my pc was acting strange, locking-up, unable to open folders etc.
I noticed that my harddrive was constantly working so felt i had to close it down. After rebooting a white line appeared on the post screen and it took forever to load up.

I ran a virus check using norton but nothing was found- im all upto date. I ran an online check with various checkers but only 1 found a severe PWSteal programe on the system.

Upto now my pc has been running ok boots up ok programes open ok but i just dont trust it.

is there any other way to find out whether or not i do have a PWSteal programe on my system.

Im very concerned as to whether the PCAdvisor link has lead to me recieving a virus.


  User-312386 11:15 05 Feb 2006

Put the link here

  PaulB2005 11:18 05 Feb 2006

Er is that a good idea?????

  skell 11:21 05 Feb 2006

i deleted it.

  skell 11:21 05 Feb 2006

g2g be back soon

  Forum Editor 11:23 05 Feb 2006

The answer's 'No' skell, the link can only lead you to your thread. You may well have a virus - I wouldn't know - but it hasn't come from our server.

By all means send me the link that was in the email - but don't post it here, in the forum. I'll test the link for you, so you can be sure.

  User-312386 11:49 05 Feb 2006

I dont believe the Virus would have come from PCA

I believe the virus was already there and this is just a coincidence, thats why i said put the link here

  skell 17:55 05 Feb 2006


it was probably a coincidence that this all happened after receiving the email but it strange i get an email weeks after a response has been posted? When i looked there was no responses posted.

Anyways, i have deleted the email and im pretty sure no virus has come via that link. thankyou for your reassurance.

As for my second question.. how come my virus checker, and alot of other online checkers dont detect a virus, yet NoAdware detected a PWstealer virus and want money to delete them. Is this a norm for you to sign up to their offer?.

Can i look into my system myself to see if the PWstealer does exist?

Many thanks .


  stalion 17:57 05 Feb 2006

do you have mailwasher to check your emails on the server? click here

  Les 18:10 05 Feb 2006

I see that PWStealer is a password stealer and could have been downloaded with a picture - according to the following link.

click here

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