Mike 15:17 13 Jun 2007

Why do I get PC ADVISOR Icon on a tab with Mozilla Firefox but not with Windows Live.

When there are a number of tabs open the Icon is a simple way of identifing what each tab is.

  Gongoozler 16:04 13 Jun 2007

I think the icon is the same one as appears in IE Favorites. If I'm right, then aI'm pretty sure that it's incorporated in the cookie for the site.

  Mike 23:47 13 Jun 2007


At Home the icon that I have in IE is a large shortcut "e".

At the Office I run Mazola and the bookmark icon is "PCA" in a red stripe.

About half my favorites in IE have there own Icon the others the large shortcut "e", and its the same in Mazola but it not always the same Favorite or bookmark.

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