PC Advisor Helproom "Blinking"

  Eargasm 22:05 20 May 2004

Hi All
Just noticed this happening the last couple of days,when i click on helproom forum all the posts appear then dissapear for about half a second and then re-appear,it dosen't happen when i open a thread but as soon as i click back to helproom same again.

Anything to worry about? (xp home)

  Dan the Confused 22:07 20 May 2004

Happens to me too, so it's nothing to worry about.

  stalion 22:07 20 May 2004

I get the same just a blip I think Regards

  Charence 22:09 20 May 2004

I'm not certain BUT I'm quite sure that the page is meant to do that. I think it continuosly reloads itself so that you do not constantly see old threads at the top.


  Djohn 22:09 20 May 2004

Nothing to worry about. It happens occasionally when refreshing a page or moving to a new thread. I think it's to do with the adverts loading. Just a quick flash on the page is what I think your seeing, the same as most of us do.

  end 22:10 20 May 2004

am assuming it is the site "catching upo with itself" "so to speak"....the "traffic" on the site is mindboggling.........and page content changes RAPIDLY.....are you "refreshing " each time too...???

  stalion 22:10 20 May 2004

you have to refresh to get the updated page

  stalion 22:12 20 May 2004

someone has flashed the forum instead of their bios lol

  end 22:13 20 May 2004

if you dont "refresh" each time, then you will only get the SAME "old" page each time...I discovered THAT the HARD way when nothign appeared that I had psoted, and wondered where it had "gone to in cyberspace"..."refresh "keeps the pages "up to speed."on your computer.........

  Eargasm 22:14 20 May 2004

Ok Cheers Guy's

It's just that iv'e only noticed it the last couple of days,and i can't stand it when i ain't got nothing to worry about:-))

  Charence 22:19 20 May 2004

Sorry, I meant to say that the page automatically refreshed to get the updated page.

PS - how did you make the writing bold? I've tried HTML but it doesn't work.

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