PC Advisor Flash advertisement

  Newuser964 11:23 30 Jun 2006

I am getting a near full page Flash advertisement for PC Advisor, of all things, at irregular intervals and when I am not on any PC Advisor website.

It is a big nuisance as Spybot and my firewall do not seem to pick it up, and having no Close box, it can only be got rid of by Ctrl-Alt-Del.

Surely PC Advisor are not responsible for this?!?

Can anyone advise please?

  johndrew 14:30 30 Jun 2006

Might sound a daft question, but when you say `full page Flash advertisement` do you mean the `flash` that you get when loading a PCA DVD/CD? The one that offers you the chance to subscribe to PCA and get a free gift (currently Britannica I think)?

If so, have you somehow loaded the Flash Player from a disk or possibly one of the pictures?

If you have you should either be able to delete it or search for it by name and deal with it.

  Newuser964 16:22 30 Jun 2006

John - that rang a bell, and indeed there's a PC Advisor CD-Rom in my DVD drive which I had forgotten about. Will check next time if it is the same one. If so the mystery will be what is suddenly getting it to autoplay when I am not calling it. Thanks


  johndrew 19:00 30 Jun 2006

All PCA CDs will start automatically if left in the drive - they are designed to do so, you don`t have to worry about autoplay.

Glad the mystery is resolved.

  Newuser964 00:29 01 Jul 2006

John - I think that's indeed what's been happening, I hadn't realised the CD was in, my son put it there I think; however the Autoplay seems to have been occurring at haphazard times with nothing to prompt it. Never mind, the main mystery is solved, thanks


  Forum Editor 00:38 01 Jul 2006

I can sleep easy tonight.

My thanks to you, johndrew for being right on the ball with your diagnosis.

  johndrew 10:56 01 Jul 2006

As a `learner` myself that is a welcome accolade. Many thanks.

Perhaps one of our more technically minded members could come up with a bit of software that flashes a warning whe a DVD/CD is left in the drive. I`m sure we`ve all done it at some time.

  SG Atlantis® 11:10 01 Jul 2006

"flashes a warning whe a DVD/CD is left in the drive"

Both my dvd drives have leds for this.

Especially the philips... purple led on the right lights up if it's a dvd. a purple led lights up if it's a cd on the left side and glows red along the middle if it's burning a disk.

  johndrew 13:03 01 Jul 2006

Thanks for the info.

The only lights on my NEC DVD-RW and Asus DVD-R are the yellow/orange lights. Both `flash` during boot regardless as the BIOS checks for a bootable disk but this is the only warning I get.

What would be nice is a screen which says something like, `A disk has been detected in **** during the startup process. Do you wish to run it now? Y/N`.

Probably overkill but it may help those who share PCs with others who may leave disks in drives.

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