PC Advisor - February 07 Issue

  Carronade 13:02 14 Dec 2006

Per last month's edition this is is shown as going on sale in the shops today. As a subscriber I normally receive my copy by post about 5 to 7 days earlier. No such luck this time. Has any other subscriber had this delay?

  Sethhaniel 13:12 14 Dec 2006

no - mine arrive on the 9th (last Saturday)

  Smiler 13:37 14 Dec 2006

Mine arrived on Sat as well :-)
Plus they're offering me DVD version for 50p per issue extra. So I've taken that offer up :-)

Why don't you phone them on 01795414836 and tell them you haven't received your copy

  Kate B 13:44 14 Dec 2006

Christmas post! I'm waiting for some cheques to arrive.

  driving man 13:49 14 Dec 2006

would just be happy with a mince pie, glass of wine and the love of a good woman.
Think that asking for peace on earth is a tad too much

  driving man 13:54 14 Dec 2006

however, to all forum members who may read this thread I sincerely wish you and your families a wonderful time over the forthcoming holiday.
I will also take the opportunity to thank all members who help each other-- giving freely of their time and sometimes sending discs at no charge
Merry Christmas to you all


  anskyber 15:00 14 Dec 2006

Had mine for a week in darkest Cumbria.

  johnem 15:40 14 Dec 2006

Mine arrived on Saturday.

  skeletal 15:44 14 Dec 2006

Mine came on Sat as well. Check you have renewed your subscription. I was in the same boat as you a few months back; like an idiot I had forgotten to renew!


  howard64 17:16 14 Dec 2006

mine arrived Saturday but it does seem perverse to be reading February mag before Christmas. Hope you all have a good one.

  Carronade 11:16 15 Dec 2006

Thanks all for your replies and good wishes - reciprocated in 'full'/bumper measure.

I'll contact the Subscription Department.

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