PC Advisor - fazing out the cover discs ?

  Mr XXX 16:24 23 Feb 2009


I'm curious to know if PC Advisor are planning to do away with the cover discs, as the cover disc contents of late haven't been quite as comprehensive as they have been in the past.

For instance, there sems to be more repetition in the free software give-aways with the same PC Tools Internet Security, Easer 2007 and Ashampoo products repeated month after month?

Is this downturn in freebies a sign the we'll be losing the discs soon?

  Taff™ 16:56 23 Feb 2009

Might have been better in Consumerwatch or speakers corner. I`ll let the PCA staff answer the question though and give you my opinion:

Like many others who have commented on similar threads I don`t find every free cover disk of personal use, however, every once in a while there is a gem included. One program every couple of months that I find great to use, often for free. In the last 12 months I can recall asquared antimalware Full Verion with 12 months subscription, Xara XS and the latest updates of old favourites such as OpenOffice, Irfanview, Avast etc.

The OpenOffice program is 142 Mb and I regularly update my friends PC`s when a new version comes out. So much handier on a disc than having to download it on their machines each time which eats into their monthly download limits. (Yes, some of them only have a 2 Gb limit! It also takes forever on a dial up connection) I can also give the discs away when someone says "Do you know of a good program that can....." How to make friends and influence people - plus share a friendly beer.

As for useful programs, the best source is here in the forum. "Ask and ye shall receive" some of the best advice and links to the free programs that other experts recommend.

  RickyC :-) 17:11 23 Feb 2009

We aren't going to stop producing cover discs anytime soon. The vast majority of our readers are now buying the DVD edition - and we regularly have over 15,000 readers registering the full software which is given away on the discs.

PC Tools chose PC Advisor as the only UK computer magazine to offer their brand-new software as a free program. They made this decision because they've seen how popular our cover discs have been in the past. PC Tools asked that we include the full program on every DVD for a full twelve months, so that new readers are still able to take advantage of the full 12-month license for their software.

Each of the Ashampoo programs that have been given away on the recent discs have been exclusive programs - they haven't been available on any other UK magazines before - and we've never repeated one of their applications on a cover disc.

kind regards

Software Editor

  Mr XXX 17:22 23 Feb 2009

Thanks for the update Richard.

Not being a subscriber to any magazine in particular, I often buy PC magazines based on the software content advertised and it seemed that the same old stuff was appearing on the DVD cover and feared the worst. Is there anything non-internet security related planned for the upcoming DVD give-aways?

  Input Overload 19:58 23 Feb 2009

Cover discs go straight in the bin, as far as I am concerned they were a good idea 10 years ago but not now. I also give the magazine a good shake over the paper recycle bin too.

  laurie53 20:13 23 Feb 2009

Just as a matter of interest, if it's not commercially sensitive, what sort of a percentage of the readership is that 15,000.

I would think advertisers would be fairly happy with 15,000 hits.

  wolfie3000 20:15 23 Feb 2009

Well I for one love the cover discs and would miss them if they were gotten rid off.

Im very tight with my money so cover discs with free software on is something i greatly enjoy.

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