PC Advisor disc virus

  Ferrari-Fan 09:01 24 May 2009

Having just received my August copy of PC Advisor, the disc has a program on it that want to install on my laptop, namely OpenOffice.

I decided to first perform a sacn of the disc for viruses and to my surprise it found 2 infected files.

the files in question are on 50 PC Tools\PC-DECRAPIFIER and is defined as a trojan named: Generic.dx!bx

Is this normal on free discs and should I be worried about using this disc?

If the program that I want does not show as containing a virus am I ok to use it, or should I stay well clear of using anything on the disc?

  julius44 09:10 24 May 2009

Hi there, which security software are u using to scan your pc? Ive always installed various software from pc advisor mags, and never had a problem. I think u may have a false positive from your scan....PC advisor would never install trojans on their disks.

  simonjary 09:25 24 May 2009

Hi. We will, of course, investigate, but the likelihood is that - as julius44 suggests - this is a false positive result from your software.

We do strenuously test all the disc software for such things.

I'll pass this case onto our Software Editor.


Publisher, PC Advisor

  birdface 09:28 24 May 2009

Yes I would agree probably a false positive.But better not taking any chances,

click here#

  birdface 09:32 24 May 2009

[If the program that I want does not show as containing a virus am I ok to use it]
If it is possible to download it on to your computer without running it.Then just scan it with your security programs and if nothing found just run it.

  Ferrari-Fan 09:42 24 May 2009

I'm using Mcafee security suite.

The program I am looking to install is Open Office. I should be able to install without running, then check as buteman suggested.

I was going to install it from this disc as I felt safer doing it this way rather than downloading from the net, thinking that there may be some virus programs out there masquerading as Open Office.

  User-1229748 09:52 24 May 2009

this is a safe site to download fromclick here

  RickyC :-) 10:03 24 May 2009


Thanks for you posting. You can be certain that the file is safe. Here's some info from the people at PC Decrapifier:

"PC Decrapifier is written using the AutoIT language, which many Antivirus and Anti-malware software suites detect as hack tools. In this case, it was detected as an obfuscated autoit program, which means that it has probably been compressed or compiled using an AutoIT compiler or optimizer.

Do not worry about this. It is a false-positive."

There are some more links to information from the PC Decrapifier FAQ: click here

kind regards

Software Editor

  Ferrari-Fan 11:31 24 May 2009

Thanks to all your guys for your quick responses (but shouldn't you be out cutting the lawn or something on a sunny sunday morning?)

You have put my mind at rest.... much appreciated.

so, last question... install from disc or go to site shown by smackheadz...which is preferred method?

  birdface 11:44 24 May 2009

138.28 Mb quite a big download.Nothing against the PCA Disc but I would tend to download from smackheadz click here.

  DieSse 16:19 24 May 2009

You may find the download is a later version than the CD one - in which case download.

Use the main Open Office site to ensure you get the latest version, and a malware free version.

click here

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