PC Adviser Cover DVD

  sharpe 17:04 13 May 2007

I have just put Spyware Doctor from this months dvd and it has picked up 5 trojans but when I try to delete them it is telling me that I have to pay to subscribe. Is that correct, if so why not list it as a trial on the dvd.

  puma0377 20:30 13 May 2007

I agree it should be clearer as to what you get when you download it. i've tried on a couple of occasions to delete what Spyware doctor found, apparently it will not remove exsisting spyware but will remove what it detects after you have installed it.

  Totally-braindead 20:32 13 May 2007

sharpe that has been my point exactly about the PCA coverdisks for sometime. You load up something as it appears to be the full product only to find when its installed its something like a time limited trial.
I no longer load up anything from the coverdisks.

  dogbreath1 20:36 13 May 2007

Every month, the same or similar post.

Yet every month, the policy remains the same.

When is PCA going to do the honourable thing and refrain form deceiving folk into parting with their hard earned cash?

A challenge from me...

...clearly label all trial software accordingly.

  sharpe 13:01 16 May 2007


seems a bit daft putting a program on the DVD if it wont delete what it finds. The obvious purpose of this is to make you pay for subscription. BUT!!!!
who's to say they just tell you that you have a trojan etc just to get you to subscribe? seems a little odd that pc advisor should allow these type of programs. Would feel more at ease with a trial program that detects and removes and then gives you the option to evaluate and subscribe if you want to.

This has left me thinking do I have trojans or don't I, is Spyware Doctor telling me how it is or just pressuring me, who knows? I don't think I will subscribe though. I will just try and find another free program that will check my system for nasties, I've got Spybot, Webwipe, Ccleaner and an up to date Mcaffee security sweep, am I paranoid!!! probably.

Even with the niggles over the DVD programs I still think the PC Adviser is the best monthly out there.

PS. Forum Editor, you were spot on about one of my previous post about a noisy virgin V+ box. Pick it up and it was quiet, couple of rubber washers under the feet and the hum stopped.

  sharpe 13:03 16 May 2007

McAfee Security suite not sweep!!!

  johndrew 13:54 16 May 2007

If You go to the site for the software click here at the very bottom of the page it clearly tells you that the trial will not remove threats.

You should also note that Spyware Doctor was within the Helpline section as an aid to a reader question and not offered as a full and free program as others within the Full Programs section are.

I believe the manner in which free software is differentiated is adequate provided you identify where on the DVD/CD it is located and where it is referred to within the magazine.

As for, ".. deceiving folk into parting with their hard earned cash?" I believe the magazine is open about the products it offers as `included` and those which may be used at additional cost. All you need do is read the information on the web sites provided.

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