PC on 24/5 harmful?

  bturner 15:31 04 Aug 2011

I have had a Packard Bell One Two for a few months now.

It is switched on 24 hours a day (I let the screen blank out from 11PM to 6AM), 5 days a week as it needs to be on for my trading platform to function.

I was wondering if it will do the PC any harm being on for so long.

  Nontek 16:12 04 Aug 2011

No, not really. I used to keep mine on 24/7 without any problems as a result. I only switch of nightly now due to financial and environment concerns, though I don't suppose it makes much difference financially.

  bturner 07:40 05 Aug 2011

Thanks for the reply.

I noticed the fan coming on intermittently in the last few days.

When feeling the back of the PC it is cool down the bottom but hot to the touch at the top. (It is an all in one, screen and PC)

Right now it is cool, I wondered if I was overworking it by having so many applications open.

  wiz-king 08:07 05 Aug 2011

Not harmful - it is less strain on the PSU to leave it on but more strain on the wallet. I leave mine on 24/7 because :-

1) I'm lazy.

2) It takes several minutes to 'warm up'.

3) If I turn off the mains switch to my desk everything goes off and is takes my internet connection a long time to stabilise.

  Nontek 11:14 05 Aug 2011

Fan coming on intermittently, slight overheating, possibly means interior needs a clean-out, especially around the fans and all external grills.

  bturner 12:30 05 Aug 2011

Thanks for the replies.

I just looked to see when I bought it and it was at the beginning of April.

It looks pretty much dust free when I look at the back, maybe because it is surrounded by a cabinet.

In future if it looks dusty I understand the best way is to use a can of compressed air, is that right?

I expect taking it apart will mean the 1 year warranty is no longer valid.

  Nontek 13:07 05 Aug 2011

Compressed air treatment is ok, but only bought in April? I would be inclined to complain to shop and ask for their help - it should not show such symptoms after just a few months.

  spuds 13:50 05 Aug 2011

One thing that you may need to look at, is your household or business insurance cover, if you have them. I noticed with a new insurance company that we had insurance with three years ago, was inserting clauses about leaving 'unnecessary' items powered up while unsupervised, due to possibly fire risks. That particular company, also insisted that we had at least two workable fire extinguishers in the home at all times. Not seen this before or since in an household insurance policy, but it might pay to have a look?.

Generally I switch off my computer systems when not it use for a lengthy period, excluding the router, which the ISP as suggested "leave on 24/7". Everything otherwise seems to have good ventilation, which is perhaps one of the main things to consider?.

  bturner 08:15 13 Aug 2011

Thanks for the replies.

It appears the problem was the position I had the PC situated in.

It was boxed in and not allowing air to circulate, I moved it out and this week the fan did not come on once.

I never even considered the fire risk of leaving the PC on 25/4, I also have a CCTV system which is plugged in 24/7.

Another thing to worry about :)

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