PC 2100-266Mhz 0r 400Mhz?

  taffyal 13:37 27 Nov 2005

I'm muddled again! I want to upgrade from PC133 to PC2100.My mobo, ASRock K7VM2 gives the choice of 2 of either. I see some PC2100 on Ebay of 266Mhz, which I thought was the norm, another of 400Mhz. My manual says Chipset North Bridge: Via KM266, [email protected]/266MHz, AGP 4X. Clock Generator 100MHz-200MHz. This makes me think the 266ram would be OK. Any ideas, please? Thanks, Al.

  ACOLYTE 13:50 27 Nov 2005

PC2100 is 266Mhz 133x2. PC3200 is 400Mhz 200x2

so you should be able to run PC2100 ok.

  Totally-braindead 14:15 27 Nov 2005

Have a look at Crucial to double check what you can actually take, I recommend buying from them as well, you can get cheaper but I've had a hell of a lot of trouble with RAM. click here

  taffyal 14:50 27 Nov 2005

Thanks, both. Thought 266 was right, Ebay lister must have got it wrong.Cheers, Alan

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