On and Off PC

  Commander Straker 20:23 03 Jun 2004

Got my old Tiny PC going in son's bedroom and worked fine (PII Win 98). Went on the internet and Microsoft suggested an update which I clicked on - may be coincidence but from that moment PC switched itself off. Now will not boot up, switches itself on and off,on and off..... ocassionally reaching the splash screen but still switching off then starting up again. Managed to once select safe mode but it switched off before getting any further - any thoughts as to what might be the problem ?

thanks team.

  Graham ® 20:49 03 Jun 2004

Did all this occur after you moved it? Or has it not been moved yet?

  Cuddles 20:59 03 Jun 2004

What was the update you downloaded, very often if you download the driver updates for your graphics card it does what you are suffering.Persist with safe mode and romove the update.

  Cuddles 21:00 03 Jun 2004

Or you may have caught a virus.

  Commander Straker 17:10 04 Jun 2004

Thanks for responding folks. I have checked all cables, cards, connections (external and internal)but no go. The download would have been a Windows update. The machine will start up then turn off and then keeping starting up and turning off - only once have I got to the menu to select Safe Mode. Could it be a faulty power supply ? (straw clutching now).

Thanks again.

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