paypal please help

  dazzlet2004 21:04 18 Oct 2006

hi i used a paypal account which i set up last year the last time i used this account was december of last year because i forgot the password and i no longer had access to the email account registered to it.
i recieved a letter this morning from a debt collection agency on behalf of paypal saying that my paypal account (that was fine the last time i used it in december 05) had a negative balance of £418.88. i telephoned them up and asked them about this and they said the account activity died in december last year but then started up again in march or april this year with small payment made from it (from my bank card) the payments were for small ammounts like 11 pence and 1 pound so i did not notice anything missing from my account as i dont keep that tight chck on my bank account as there is always something going in and out.
they said that this negative balance was from a payment that went into my paypal account and and then was transfered out again but they do not know where it went to. they said that the payment that went in was an unautherised transaction and the money that had been paid in was returned to sender after it had been withdrawn from the account so it left a negatie balance.
my question is how can i avoid having to pay back this money to paypal when it was nothing to do with me? as i dont have and din not have access to that account any longer. i asked paypal this and they said it was in their interest to recover their lost funds (my guess is thay dont care how they get the money as long as they do).
i do not know who to contact now for any further help as the debt collection agency does not help and neither do paypal (excellent customer service NOT).
i see it as thy have my name on file and the account was fradulently used but they do not know who to put the blame on so thay are blaming me and they think the buck should stop here with me where i think this is unfair.

please help

  leeknight67 21:10 18 Oct 2006

all i can suggest is get in contact with citizens advice buero and see what they can suggest.

How and why was money coming out of your account?

  dazzlet2004 21:14 18 Oct 2006

paypal said it was paying for ebay items and i said what at eleven pence it must have been some sort of scam or something. i dont understand either how the money is said to have been transfered to my bank account but it never went into my account it does not show on any statement nor can the bank find any evidence of the money been sent to my bank account but paypal are insistant that it did

  leeknight67 21:17 18 Oct 2006

look on your e-bay account and see if any transactions have taken place.

You rreally need to get onto your papal account to double check

  bluto1 21:33 18 Oct 2006

If you still cannot get into the account there must be a facility for "lost Password?" Use it to get an e-mail containing your password then access your account and examine every transaction since you stopped using e-Bay. I also suggest printing all copies.
There is a section somewhere on the site to talk to E-bay. If you can find it tell them you`ve printed all transactions since your last authentic one and are now ready to pass this information to the police but will hold off for 7 days whilst awaiting an answer. The big negative here is that you do not get an answer. Print your copy of all communications.

I truly don`t know what else you can do, as this sounds like a case of identity theft.

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